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June 27, 2024

hologram [browser]

Push all the boxes on their target by using hologram technology in Hologram, the latest puzzlescript puzzler by NinaBirb. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)


Anonymous said...

Anyone figure out "self distruct" yet? I can get the flag to change color, but as soon as I move it changes back.

Eric said...

Haha, just got self destruct. Think about a previous level that looked similar to this one - you're trying to do the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Any clues for unfound footage? I'm not sure what else to try...

Anonymous said...

For unfound footage, remember that if you move the purple thing up or down the corresponding hologram under the blue path moves as well, just in the opposite direction.

Anonymous said...

Self destruct still doesn't make any sense. So far the closest I can get to solving it is as follows (rot13):

V'ir tbggra gur synt gb punatr ol 1) cynpvat gur oynpx fdhner bire gur lryybj fdhner naq gur oyhr guvat bar fcnpr nobir gung, 2) gura zbivat gur oyhr guvat bar fcnpr gb gur yrsg. Ceboyrz vf nf fbba nf V zbir gur synt fjvgpurf onpx, naq gura jba'g punatr nal zber.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have any clue for the level with the purple on the left, blue on the right, a door in the middle of the screen towards the top. The boxes have to go into the upper level, beyond the door, but you have to keep the door open to move them there. (Sorry, I don't know the name of the level)

The Great Unknown said...

Hologram by Ninabirb
Partial Walkthru

1. Not Viable - Move purple and blue box out of the way. Push orange square onto yellow square. Go to flag.

2. Holograms - Push orange box all the way right, then down. Go to flag.

3. Unblock - Push orange box left into pink column. Go right to flag.

4. Inside - Push orange box left into pink column. Push blue box all the way right.

5. Loose Box - Push blue box 4 spaces right. Push orange box left into bottom of pink column. Push blue box one space left. Push orange box onto yellow box.

6. Astral Project - Push orange box onto blue column. Enter punk column from top and go down.

7. Do It yourself - Push blue box down and left so it covers flag. Go to bottom of pink column.

8. Camera - Move pink box above orange block. Push blue block down so light blue box down and left so it covers yellow box.

9. Undetectable - Push orange box into middle of pink column.
Push black box into blue column. Push orange box down one, and then all the way right.

10. Stuck - Push pink box 1 down, 6 right, 1 down. Go to bottom of blue column.

11. Resourceful - Push pink box 1 up, right 6. Push blue box to far right.

12. Unfound Footage - Move pink box so brown bricks are at bottom of pink column. Push blue box 2 left, 3 down and all the way right. Push pink box 1 down, 1 up.

13. Secure - Move blue box so blue column covers green x. Move pink box so light blue box covers green x.

14. Key Card - Move pink box under door. Put your hologram on the green x. Push pink box up.

Lon Peter said...

Hint or self destruct:

You need to make blue disappear.

Hint 2:

It can be done in one straight line.

ps. It took me a long time before i accidentally did this.

The Great Unknown said...

15. Entry - Stack the 2 orange boxes at the bottom of the pink column. Push the black box through the door, and over the yellow boxes.

16. Too Many - Put black box on x. Push blue box down 6, black box 1 left, blue box 1 up, black box 1 right, blue box 1 up, black box 6 left.

17. Remote - Put orange box on X. Push blue column 1 right. Push pink column into middle room, and use it to remotely push the orange box off the x.

18. Cull - Use orange box to push blue box through lava.

19. Unaffected - Just put the black box onto small box.

20. Breaking In - Put blue column through ceiling over flag. Put pink column in lava.

21. Abundance - Put pink column in lava, blue column on lower yellow box, black box on upper yellow box.

22. Self Destruct - Put black box on yellow box. Push blue column into the floor.

23. Self Reference - Put pink column on orange box, blue column on yellow box.

24. Twists and Turns - Just push blue column onto flag.

25. Target Trouble - Put blue box directly above pink box. Stand on yellow box, move down 1. Clean up the mess, and put black box on yellow box.

The Great Unknown said...

Anyone got a clue to Paradox? I'm not sure how to get to the flag through the bricks.

The Great Unknown said...

Ok, I got Paradox. Now stuck on Finale, the very last one. No idea how to get anything into the 3rd room.

Anonymous said...

@The Great Unknown.

Find somewhere to push the pink column down that pushes the blue column up, you will need to do this a couple of times.

The Great Unknown said...

26. Paradox - Go down pink column to move orange box to x. Move other orange box onto yellow box. Move pink box through doors, push orange box 1 right. Push down pink box, put orange box back on x, push pink column onto flag.

27. Perpetual Motion -Put blue box above black box. Push black box up 4. Move pink box onto blue column. enter the pink column, and move up and down several times.

28. Finale - Put blue box on x.Put black box on x. Push pink box down onto platform in middle room 3 times.

Thanks for the help, guys!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the walkthru Great Unknown. Crazy stuff - very fun.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 22:50, I think you're talking about Key Card. I'm stuck on that one, too. The clue from The Great Unknown is helpful, but isn't enough for me to solve it. I don't fully understand the mechanics of the door yet.

The Great Unknown said...

Anonymouses, you're right. My Key Card walkthrough was unclear. Try this:
14. Key Card - Push blue box 3 left. Move pink box under door and push it up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I still don't get it.

The Great Unknown said...

Key Card:

Hespetr3 said...

I'm generally a fan of puzzlescript games and I have especially enjoyed the three games you have posted from NinaBirb.
Here's hoping for more!

Anonymous said...

I really liked this, interesting idea with the holograms! It was hard, but not unsolvable, good one. Self-destruct was the hardest level for me, I solved but still I don't understand why it worked. :)

Anonymous said...

still not getting key card...


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