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May 23, 2024

stamina [browser]

Pushing boxes is hard and takes up a lot of energy: Stamina, another new puzzlescript puzzler by NinaBirb. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)


Anonymous said...

I'm stuck on the level with two x's in the top center of the screen, and one black box below the green bar. Looks like the goal is to push the bar to the top and expand it to cover the x's but I always end up one short. I feel like I'm probably missing something simple, but no idea. Any hints?

Frobisher said...

There's a move close to the beginning that you've likely ruled out because it looks like it makes everything stuck. If you look at the illustration below, where = is the stamina bar and # is a wall


You can actually push the box (B) up in this configuration because the stamina bar shrinks to the left as the box moves upwards.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful little game introduction.
Would like to see a full game of mind bending puzzles.
No wait, I don't have time for that.
Besides I would just get stuck on the 4th level.

Anonymous said...

Thx @Frobisher,
The bar needs to be blocked.

Nice little game.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic game, love how it builds up on basic elements, and really challenges you with interactions in complicated ways

"Lock" in particular is such a clever level

Anonymous said...

I think I'm stuck in the same spot as the first post. You moved down vertically to pick up 7 energy blocks. The green bar extends beyond the black block, and if you push it up two, it will be right at the end of the green bar. However, I'm not following these suggestions.

The black block now sits on the white, and you can't move it upward. The green bar will move to the top, but you still have two X's that you have to cover just beyond and not enough energy to do it. What am I missing here?

Anonymous said...

Ignore my previous question. Of course, after 2 hours, 30 seconds after I ask for help, I figure it out.


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