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May 15, 2024

cogmount [browser]

Here's Arvi Teikari making you push blocks around again, and cogs: Cogmount. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)


a12r13 said...

Excellent one !

Anonymous said...


Probably the most entertaining one so far.

Anonymous said...

Would have been nice to have the clockwise/counter-clockwise gears a different color or at least a different shade, especially on the later levels. My eyes were hurting by the end and you shouldn't have to struggle to distinguish them - that is not the challenge. The challenge is KNOWING they spin different directions and figure out where to place them. Staring stupefied at them trying to tell which is which was not fun.

Stevens Miller said...

@Anonymous16May2024at04:27, I had the exact same thought. Part of the aesthetic of these games is their gray-shade appearance. But those arrows were almost useless as ways to distinguish the two kinds of gear. Very clever puzzle, but a surprisingly big fail on that point.

Anonymous said...

Nice one, again! It was a bit easier than the last few ones.

(I am not agree with the previous 2 complaints, maybe our brain works in a different way. For me the arrows are the perfect marking of the direction of the spinning, easy way to distinguish them - but actually there are only 2 levels where you have to deal with more than 3 of them.)


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