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April 15, 2024

three sigils [browser]

Explore multiple paths in a connected world and learn the rituals behind the three sigils to summon an ancient power in Three Sigils by Galactical for the 'summoning' themed Ludum Dare 55 game jam.


Anonymous said...

"Go through the top door for eternal suffering"! Very good.

Anonymous said...

Well... I thought I understand all the rules until I happened upon the solution to the last puzzle by accident and 2 of the tiles did not match what I thought the rule was for that color. Now I'm confused! Over all, a very satisfying game though. I loved the concept of it being "sokoban-like", but it's impossible to corner yourself into a dead end and therefore, "undo/restart" is never needed.

david said...

totally confused on the last level. must be some element of the rules i'm missing.


Anonymous said...

Assuming you are talking about the green tiles, there is actually a whole discussion with the developer in the comments below the game about their functionality which was not obvious unless you accidently discovered it on the only other previous level where they could have worked that way. Unfortunately you could also finish that level without discovering that mechanic like I did, which made the last level confusing until you discovered this.

Stage name said...

Some of the tile "properties" you have to figure out as you go along.


1. The blue tiles each have to be abutted on at least three sides by something.
2. The green tiles must all be bunched together but not necessarily with green tiles.
3. The red tiles cannot "see" any other red tiles, vertically or horizontally, but they cannot see through walls.

Hope that helps.

Spike said...

red tiles must not "see" any other tiles

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 16 April 2024 at 05:11 here,
"The blue tiles each have to be abutted on at least three sides by something."
This is what got me and why the solution for the last level puzzled me. Every time I used a blue on a previous level, I always had 1 side showing, thus I thought that was the rule. When the last level cleared (on accident) and I saw I had a blue tile with no sides showing, I said, "what???" :)
Thanks for clarifying!


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