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April 02, 2024

picket puzzle [browser]

The picket line swells as factory after factory walk out on strike. As strike captain, you must learn how to overcome obstacles, deal with police blockades, seize government buildings, and win the army over to your side in Picket Puzzle by Morganquirk.


Anonymous said...

Not so sure about the premise of protecting a picket line. I didn't get that from the icons or the gameplay - more like just different symbols that you interact with differently to get to the goal. Pretty fun and challenging though.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe they don't explain the letter grading system.
which is better, Super or Excellent?
Which is worse , Crappy or Bad?
The game got more complex when it added mind control.

Anonymous said...

This game was great - one of the best and well thought out! Challenging in the later stages, but well worth being patient! Thank you Morgandev and thank you Bart for posting it!

buy pokecoins said...

This game sounds very interesting! Combining the mechanics of snake and sokoban, along with strategic elements, it challenges players' creativity and puzzle-solving skills. With 40 levels and turn-based gameplay, players can explore at their own pace, and the ability to undo moves adds to its forgiving design. Looking forward to hearing more about this game!

Anonymous said...

I finished the game but still don't get the letter grading system. And having Karl M in the credits makes you wonder if it's a happy coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Can't get "S" grade for the last one. Still Stuck to "E"...

Anonymous said...

I think letter S is the "fewest possible moves", all the other letters (A, B, C...) are evaluation similar to school, A is good, B is worse etc.

I like the difficulty of this game, not the frustrating level, but have to think a bit.


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