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October 04, 2023

picky plants [browser]

You just got home from the garden centre with a new haul of plants but these plants seem rather picky about how they're planted and you're not sure all of them are actually plants: Picky Plants created by Chybby for the 'limited space' themed Ludum Dare 54 game jam.


gordon said...

was fun! I had to sketch out the last level with all the possible placements for each tile or I wouldn't have got it

Anonymous said...

I cannot run this game, neither in Chrome, nor Firefox. Maybe because of Godot 4.1.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, it is not true, it was just very-very slow to start.

Anonymous said...

I don't get level 8 with the chess pieces... I keep thinking I've met all the conditions but I can't beat that level.

Anonymous said...

level 8 hint
put the kings in opposite corners
mind that the tower has to defend the king (i.e. block the way of a possible attack to the king)

Anonymous said...

What am I missing on 11? How can a plant be between 2 plants when 2 of the 3 plants that it can be between, can't be in the same row or column as another???

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 21:27 here again. Never mind. Apparently "between" also includes diagonals.

Anonymous said...

That last level, #19, had me for a bit.
I was thinking too much about the "everything wants to go here" spots.
Once I switched to the "not much can get put here" spots I had it.

a12r13 said...

Nice game !


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