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October 20, 2023

little chef [browser]

Have some fun in the kitchen puzzling out all the recipes in Little Chef by hello erika, Julien Truebiger and Danny van Duist. (controls: drag and drop)


Anonymous said...

Fun little game.

Anonymous said...

There is a glitch when you let go but the item doesn't get in the pot or something.
The hand moves around holding nothing & you need to reload the page.
Fun game, easy to figure out controls & recipes.
I am not a fan of butter and noticed 22 recipes & 12? optional with a whole brick.

Anonymous said...

I was expecting nothing to be burnt water.
I would have added ham or bacon, my wife wanted chocolate.
Oh and Tea! With all the bubble tea options too.
Wow I just got so hungry, got to go eat something now.

Anonymous said...

I had to search for the quiche ingredients in order to obtain the master chef badge. But I got it in the end, and I'm ready for the tv show!

Anonymous said...

That is not how you make banana bread.

MRK said...

Really enjoyed this. Fun art and animations and humor. I loved the combination of puzzling out recipes and just messing around and experimenting. Looking forward to another collaboration of these 3. Would love for there to be sound/music in version 2? Thank you, hello erika, Julien Truebiger, Danny van Duist and Bart.

Anonymous said...

Some sound effects are really missing, otherwise I loved the games, it was fun guessing the recipes! :-)


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