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August 11, 2023

furniture [browser]

Find out the rules to rearrange all the furniture correctly in the puzzler Furniture by Raindrinker. (controls: left click and drag to move items, right click to rotate items)


Long Peter said...

Press the 1 to start the first level.

That took me a while to find out.
Tried all kinds of combination with the letters in the room without success.

Mike Rodeck said...

Not fun.

eszterencs said...

I liked it, I solved all the levels. Wish there would be more with more objects! :-)

I think it would be useful if I could check my solutions when I go back on a level I already solved, but they change back to the starter position.

Anonymous said...

I made it as far as the restaurant level.

Anonymous said...

Totally broken...any time I need to rotate something (which is pretty soon), the rotated object just flips out and won't settle down, making the levels uncompletable. The visibility is also bad, having to constantly fiddle with the camera. It didn't need the isometric perspective anyway; the puzzles (so far at least) were inherently two dimensional, and it just got in the way.

Anonymous said...

So what am I supposed to do?

The Great Unknown said...

Almost as much fun as moving real furniture. I made it all the way to level one.

Long Peter said...

For the restaurant level:

In this level all side of the tables should not be empty
Or a object or wall should fill all sides of the tables.

I'm not sure why this level don't follow the logic of the other levels:
Chair should be on a table.

Stevens Miller said...

This makes it certain: I don't like "rule discovery" games.

Anonymous said...

I was having fun till level 10 "different shows".
(Thanks to the first post about the first level.)
I found several arrangements that I feel should have worked.
However the level gives me 4of6 if the path is open or not.
Is there some new rule? or is the game buggy?
HELP, I can't move on to 11!

Bill said...

I think it really needs more feedback on right vs. wrong. Often I have several unclaimed "dots", move something randomly, and poof! I won and I have no idea why.

Anonymous said...

Either my assumptions were wrong or the rules changed.
Can anyone state a constant rule?

Siobhรกn Long's sister said...

This game should carry a warning for those who have epilepsy.

Very poor game.

Anonymous said...

For those looking for help, here's what I've determined the rules to be as of level 11.

Lbh zhfg unir na haoybpxrq cngu orgjrra qbbef.

Nyy punvef zhfg or frg snpvat n gnoyr.

Nyy pnovargf/obbxfuryirf zhfg unir gurve snprf rkcbfrq (abg snpvat n jnyy be oybpxrq ol fbzrguvat).

Nyy gryrivfvbaf zhfg unir gurve fperra snprq ol n fbsn be punve, sebz ng yrnfg bar fcnpr njnl.

Rirel gryrivfvba zhfg or rkcbfrq gb gur znva cngu.

Fiddler said...

need help with level 12 library

Long Peter said...

12: Libary

Closets: Backside against a wall or other closed.
Windows free.

So fill all walls and make a rectangle with the rest

Long Peter said...

Rules set: ( correct me if I make some mistakes )

* There should be a free path from door to door.
-- each door should be readable.

* Chairs go on a table.
* And should be accessible from the side or back
-- Lazy chair don't
-- Tables don't need a chair attached to them

* Lazy chairs should be accessible from the front.

* All chairs should have a free path to the door (from side of back of the chair).
- Closets don't need a free path to the door.

* TV should be free in front, and a chair watching the TV.

* Closets should have free space in front.
* have the back against a wall or other closet
-- Can't placed in front of a window.

* Windows should be free of: Closets, Plants,

>> lines with a '*' give the green points.
>> Levels can have multiple solutions as long as above is true

Anonymous said...

Having the same problem as Anonymous on level 10 "different shows".
I have no idea why some of the arrangements I came up with are invalid.

Anonymous said...

crashed my browser

long peter said...

Different shows:


* TV should be free in front, and a chair watching the TV.
* Chairs go on a table.

Hint2: 2 televisions next to each other

Anonymous said...

I had not thought of a ๐Ÿ“บ needing an air gap.
I haven't used the ๐Ÿ“บ in years ๐Ÿ˜‚.
Or the couch, bookcase, well the living room really.
Mostly eat in front of my computer too.
This was a fun game & needs more room types.

Canadam said...

Won't load in Chrome - I was annoyed but after reading the comments I'm not so upset lol

Anonymous said...

I played in Chrome & it worked fine for me.
You can grab the walls and spin the view to any angle.
I also don't use my ๐Ÿ“บ room.
My wife slept on the couch to keep her sunburnt legs up.
I was so confused as to where the sounds were coming from ๐Ÿ˜†

Anonymous said...

Thank you, peter, for the hint about the TVs.
I wouldn't have thought two TVs showing different
shows would be right next to each other. Sheesh.

Stage name said...

Strangely addictive, even if some of the "solutions" seem arbitrary. Like being the interior decorator for The Sims.


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