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August 21, 2022

pushing u [browser]

A puzzlescript puzzler about the letter U: Pushing U by Notan. (Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level)


Anonymous said...

I managed a dozen of the levels before I quit.

a12r13 said...

Nice one

Anonymous said...

stuck on #23 for now

Anonymous said...

Anybody make progress on the updated level 23?

Anonymous said...

I'm completely stuck on level 23. The only solution path I see is moving a magnet facing up in the upper left corner and then then navigating there. I've been starting off moving the far right magnet over to the rotator, and then using one of the others to move it left. From there I can't figure out if I'm supposed to rescue the up facing magnet in the center or create one by using the rotator again.

EF said...

About Level 23:

For the finish you will need two "u", so one "n" will have to be rotated twice.

For this you will need at some point to ride an "n" into the bottom cage.

The last "n" will serve as a filler and then can be disposed of by riding it.

(I'm stuck myself on Level 24)

Anonymous said...

Spoiler for 24:

You will need to first use a left-facing "c" then a "u" to get to the exit. To get the left-facing "c" in the right position, you need to ride the upper-left "c" to a stack of two blocks. Push the u through the spikes with a "c" just above the floating spike in the lower level. Push the left-facing "c" in the upper area in the spike below the upper-left "c" and push the lower left-facing "c" in position, just to the right of the floating spike. Ride the upper-left "c," then push the left-facing "c" up to the entrance. Then, you can push the "u" to the right, just below the stuck "c." Ride the left-facing "c" on the floor of the lower level, which should bring the "u" up just below the "c," freeing that "u" to use after you've done one loop around the level with the left-facing "c."

eszterencs said...

EF: thank you for the help for level 23!! I was stuck at the same point as anonymous: I found out, how to finish the level, but I couldn't see how to get there. Maybe I used a different way to get the second U (I didn't ride them, I just pushed it to both windmills). Surprisingly, 24 and 25 was less hard.

Anonymous said...

I couldn’t get past number 2! :[

Anonymous said...

How do. You rotate the u s ?


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