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August 30, 2022

ascent [browser]

Crashed on a desolate but mysterious planet you find yourself eye to eye with an ancient civilisation. Explore the planet, find powerful upgrades and uncover its secrets in the metroidvania-style platformer Ascent by Johan Peitz.


Anonymous said...

Going to have to come back to this one when I have more time.
I climbed over a page change with no upper scene to no effect.
I fell way down left of the start & caught a ledge.
Not sure if that was a shortcut or intended.

Bill said...

7/8 spirits saved in 23min. Was fun.

Anonymous said...

I found a few over the top / out of bound areas.
They never helped at all.
I feel like I found everything.
But I never got an end game message.
Edge, sprint, slam, vines, +Grab.
collected a bunch of sprits.
They said I could go now, so goodbye.

Anonymous said...

I was looking for a walkthrough but all I find is "The Ascent".

Montana said...

To Anonymous #2 RE end-of-game message: I reached a clear ending of the game. It was just beyond the ice-cube area that lies east of the particularly-grabby area.

Anonymous said...

The "bad ending" has a lot more going on than the "good ending" imo

Montana said...

How do you get the "bad" ending?? Zero spirits??

Anonymous said...

lovely! had to draw out the whole map to figure out which areas i was missing haha.

Anonymous said...

> How do you get the "bad" ending?? Zero spirits??

I got the "bad" ending by finishing 7/8, and the "good" ending with 8/8; it's possible there are more endings, but this is what I saw

Anonymous said...

The jump-to-your-death-fall-through-two-screens-and-grab-a-ledge-by-a-finger part was a little unfair, and I'm sure most people got to it by mistake/luck as I did. I mean falling from that height to the ground kills you, but somehow you can catch yourself? Really? But overall, a good game!

Long Peter said...

if you dash down... you survive a large drop...

Took me a while to get that

Yu said...

I saved all of them, played 17 min. Nice short one!

eszterencs said...

I found a walkthrough (7/8 spirits):

I wanted to see the end, because my browser freezed when I was near the end, and I lost progress. :-( I enjoyed the game, but I won't start it over for sure... I watched the walkthrough, but at the ice cubes I couldn't go this way, it was blocked when I was there. :-O But I had a different scene with red squares, and I had no idea, what to do with them. Can someone please tell, is the red squares were the "good" ending, and what should I have to do there?

Maybe I wait a few days and I do it again.

eszterencs said...

Here is an 8/8 walkthrough, not much difference, no red quares. :-O


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