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June 16, 2022

multi-sheep [browser]

Move a group of sheep to their destinations without falling, getting stuck, getting squashed or getting spiked in the latest puzzle game by Carlos Pedroso: Multi-Sheep. (move with cursor keys, Z key to undo a move, R key to restart a level, drag with the mouse to change viewpoint)


a12r13 said...

Very nice design...
ANd interesting game.

Yu said...

I agree

Frobisher said...

This is really good. The last few levels are a bit fiddly, but the overall design is super interesting.

If you get stuck, it's worth noting that the nature of the interactions does mean it's possible to get your sheep into a fail-state without realising it, which is a bit frustrating. And some of the levels that feel complex have solutions that require you to make the right moves at the beginning.

Given the originality and potential complexity of the mechanics, I'm a little disappointed it races through them so quickly, but that's only because it feels like there's enough here to sustain a bigger game that could explore the mechanics and the interactions between them more thoroughly.

Anonymous said...

Am stuck on levels 18,22, 25 and 26... i am sure there is a solution but would welcome tips


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