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June 16, 2022

dadish 3 [browser]

Are you ready for a new dad-venture? Dadish 3 by Thomas K. Young is a platformer where you're a radish daddy who's in charge of finding your kids. A suspicious bus has taken your kids to a field trip, and your fatherly senses are telling you something is wrong and your kids might be turned into radish soup! (The game is also out today for Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, iOS and Android)


Anonymous said...

If games that require split second timing make you frustrated, this one is not for you! (or me!)

Anonymous said...

Needs more checkpoints. Its very frustrating having to start each level over again after missing a jump by a hair's breadth. And, unless I'm missing it somewhere, it doesn't show you what levels you have/have not found the stars. So if you miss one, you've got to redo the entire game?

Frobisher said...

There are so many small design choices in this game that are irritating, and they tend to pile up on top of each other until you can't take it any more and give up.

- a lack of checkpoints after annoying sections
- the hard to read, slightly random enemy attacks and movements
- the tendency to hide stars off screen, forcing you to jump repeatedly to your death as you look for them
- the unskippable dialogue that ends every level
- the animation that ends every level
- the sections that require perfect timing but with an arbitrary moving obstacle that is hard to time


Anonymous said...

Gave up after Level 3. Trying to time the jump to cross the final barrier to get to the baby radish failed miserably for me. I'm using desktop Chrome. It's just too annoying. Twenty consecutive deaths = bye bye.

Anonymous said...

I also gave up.

DURRRRR said...

I remember loving the first two, but this one had worse timing and hitboxes so it felt more like just wasting time for no good reason.

Lighty said...

Forced myself to finish, but very painful. As said above, the difficulty level is very high, with such tight timing required on a lot of levels, and even some luck so that enemies are not in the wrong place. This takes away from the enjoyment and general skill to more hit and miss. Especially on longer levels where it would have been better to have a mid level save point.

Anonymous said...

Having to restart the level when you die is frustrating. It also goes very slow on mobile and half of the screen is not playable so I end up touching outside where it doesn't count as a jump, so I die more often than I should.

eszterencs said...

These comments are surprising... This game is just as adorable and fun as the previous two! The difficulty just right, the converstaions are the best part of the game, I can't wait to reach the end of every level to see what a little radish will come up with this time. They are all very funny, I really enjoy the story and the game as well (not finished yet, but already done 25 levels). :-D

The music is also good, especially at the menu.

(Esc button to Menu, and in the menu you can see if the level have a star or not, and if you collected it or not.)


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