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April 01, 2022

light push [browser]

Use lights to create a path through the darkness in the latest puzzle game by Robert Alvarez: Light Push.


Fitz said...

Level 9??? So stuck.

Anonymous said...

Did you finish 9? Use the locked in side pieces but go down with the "+" one column out.

Long Peter said...

Always nice games this guy makes

Level 9:
Go right, Go down.
Do the same on the left side.

Notice left there is one square more space side to side.
Make sure you keep the blocks away from the walls one square till now.

Now Push the + up to the top row and in position to illuminate the pad to freedom

Anonymous said...

Really fun game, a few of hard levels but all beatable :)

Urban Garlic said...

Very nice. Got through all of them, but some felt lucky, not sure I could do them again. Replay value!

a12r13 said...

Nice one - some levels need a little bit more thinking, but globally easy.

Anonymous said...

During the first few levels I felt it is way too hard for me, my brain hurts, then somehow I adapted, learned probably, and it became easier. :-)

Stevens Miller said...

@Anonymous, "then somehow I adapted," is one of the coolest things about this kind of game. You get that "aha!" moment when you add something to your cognitive puzzle-solving toolbox. I really believe this sort of thing can raise one's overall ability to overcome a variety of challenges.

Hespetr3 said...

Replay value, indeed. I, too, learned and adapted. Very cool.


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