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April 12, 2022

closed circuit [browser]

Find a way to power all the lights and complete the circuit in the puzzle game Closed Circuit by The4thAD.


Anonymous said...

Not that hard as soon as you understand why 'B'ack is not Undo.

a12r13 said...

Not too bad... seemed to me unplayable until I carefully read the instructions.
"B" means "back", not "undo".

Anonymous said...

Nice game, no save option though.

Frobisher said...

Backtracking ends up turning the crate mechanic into a separate chore you have to do before you think about how to join up the lights.. With an undo instead of a 'back' button, the crates would have had to be more tightly incorporated into the actual core puzzle, which would likely have been more satisfying.

The Great Unknown said...

Discovering the B mechanic made my day. That moment when the crates steal the show from the lightbulbs. Thanks again, Bart.


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