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January 21, 2021

laqueus escape - chapter 4 [browser]

Your escape from this strange place continues: Laqueus escape - chapter 4, the latest escape the room game by SmartCode.


TiCKed said...

I got out....but must admit that last calculation had me stumped. I eventually convinced myself I had the first two number correct, then trial-and-errored my way to the last two.

All in all, I rather liked it.

Stevens Miller said...

Good entry in the series. Needed help on the colored rooms, but got the rest.

Anonymous said...

I got out....but must admit that last calculation had me stumped. I eventually convinced myself I had the first two number correct, then trial-and-errored my way to the last two.

Just copy pasta, because same for me!


This escape series is the best I've ever played I think.

Anonymous said...

I only found 1 card
The spin handle vanished on me.
I recovered it by clicking where it should have been.
Could not read everything again.
If you try to plug the final code into the formula you can make some sense out of it.
But it still doesn't work out.
Also the 3 digit code matched the 8 digit clue, & I don't know any other way to get it.
Not the worst escape room I ever played, but not great.
I would rate this a 4 of 10.

Erin said...

For the large calculation:
Start with the number of petals on the flower in the jar:7 subtract 3 to get A=4. Multiply by 4 to get 16. Subtract the number of arrows on the wall (both levels) that mark the water levels (3 on the upper level, 4 on the lower, total of 7) 16-7 gives you B=9. Then add the middle number from the bottom row of the puzzle with the pistons where keychain #1 was stuck (9) 9+9=18. Divide by the number of cats on the keychain (3) 18/3=6, this gives you C=6. Multiply by the number of blue plates that cap the ends of the channel that the cube travels through, there are 5. 6x5=30. Subtract the number of hatch doors (2) 30-2=28. Divide by the number of yellow cubes (3 on the shelf and 1 that travels through the puzzle, total of 4) 28/4=7, this give you D=7.
So the final ABCD combination is 4967

The 3-digit code comes from the bottom of the matchbox if you only look at the blue, yellow and red boxes (the only colors used on the rest of the matchbox)

Kat said...

Thanks Erin, your comment helped me understand those puzzles. I had no idea what to do with the matchbox, and I'd forgotten to count the yellow cube being used.

For anyone wondering about the card locations: one is in the door frame for Tank A, one is on the shelf with the yellow cubes, and one is on a wall light fixture that is only accessible after inputting the ABCD code.

Anonymous said...

I only have a wheel and a matchbox, I don't understand what to do with the matchbox and I can't move the ABCD thing. help! :(

Lighty said...

@Anonymous, I must admit, it can be difficult to start this one, but you need to look for a couple of keys (one is behind glass and can't be reached till later). These will then give you access to a cube which you need to insert into the 'tube'. The puzzles are then played sequentially from there (ABCD is the last puzzle).

The matchbox gives you the code for the first clue. Look at the colored squares on the back and determine the pattern made by only the colors that appear on the rest of the box, ignore the other colors.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous I totally agree that it was hard to start! I think I am a step above you, Anonymous, but now I'm just stuck with the three digit code part.


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