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January 06, 2021

cats on mars [browser]

Play a dancing space cat on a mission to win a dance competition on Mars in the rhythm adventure game Cats on Mars by Jon Topielski, Thoof and Mafgar.


Anonymous said...

Blimey, those cat dances are hard.

Anonymous said...

Try using 2 hands & 2 fingers each.
Or better yet don't try at all.

Yu said...

this is impossible, meow! xD

Anonymous said...

Dev: here's a cute cat adventure/rpg game for you. Just kidding! It's an action game

It's a shame. With two hands I was able to get the 3 items, but gave up on the impossible final dance. It's just nuts. Would have been better if the dancing bits had let one use just a row of 4 keys, and presented the cues all top to bottom

Leonard said...

It's very hard if you approach it with a video game mindset. But if you treat it like learning to play a song on an instrument, with the amount of practice and repetition required, it becomes manageable. Though there isn't much of a reward for finishing the game. All the good stuff is the pixel art, writing and easter eggs you find along the way.

Nat R. said...

Finished with above 90% on everything. I had to retry most of them though, and the second-to-last one was my lowest, I missed a ton in the middle. It's tricky to anticipate when they're going to hit, but if you practice, you learn. My biggest issue with it is that I can't press 3 arrow keys at the same time on my laptop, they won't all register. I had to do like a rapid fire thing, which was pretty tricky to remember on top of keeping track of the arrows.

(I played one once where there was a row of impact points and the events were all coming down from the top, but for some reason it still used the arrow keys so they didn't correspond to their actual positions at all. Now that was annoying.)

Anonymous said...

great game! i thought it would be longer / that we'd actually need to do things with the objects in the rooms. is it not possible to get in the worm nightclub?

benji said...

got perfect on everything but got softlocked while trying to purposely fail... so can't get a 100% perfect (which is what the game calls all wows)

Joel said...

At last, all my DDR skills come in handy, lol. Thought there might be more to it, but still a cute game with fun music :-)


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