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March 25, 2020

i want you to notice me [browser]

I Want You To Notice Me by Sohun is a short and simple spot the difference game until you break the rules and start to follow the story.


Anonymous said...

What the bleep? I got stuck.
My kid is acting like this.
Any help?
Maybe I am too old.

Anonymous said...

Previous anonymous,

We can't help you if you're stuck...if you don't tell us where you're stuck. That's tech support 101. On a side note, I wouldn't waste your time trying to get unstuck. I played this when I saw it on Kong a few weeks ago, and it was truly terrible. If I had it to do over again, I'd want those 15 or 20 or whatever number minutes of my life back.

Matt said...

This was cute, but also transcended the genre of find-the-difference puzzles. I've never seen a game able to add narrative to that type. This counts as "game as art"

Anonymous said...

Girls !
Always so self absorbed.
So many things going on.
So many "not important".

Also it took me a while to see the hair clip.
Actually I just spam clicked & managed to hit the box in the left side panel.
So I never really noticed it if I am honest.
Guys, eh? What ya going to do?

Vincent W. said...

Aw what a cute game!

Anonymous said...

ngl I expected the plot to take a different kind of turn confronting the viewer about stalking this girl.

Beza Sam said...

It was a great game but he should definitely add a "hint" button.

Anonymous said...

I can't do the pit-a-pat part?

Anonymous said...

It was so cute & calming. Loved the sweet, simple story & the music was perfect! Had no trouble with it. If you're having trouble, try thinking about what perspective the story is being told from & what that person would be paying the most attention to.

Siobhán Long's sister said...

'Cute' it was not!

Terrible it was.


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