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March 30, 2020

bunnie's carrot [browser]

Bunnie's golden carrot gets stolen, so please help Bunnie recover it in the latest puzzle platformer by Jronn: Bunnie's Carrot.


Anonymous said...

Liked it! Challenging but not to hard. Was able to complete all 20 levels.

Anonymous said...

Much better for us puzzlescript impaired folks!

Anonymous said...

This I can do.

Nat R. said...

Ah, yes, Grim Girl's bunny (excuse me, bunnie) from the Grim series! Nice to see him get his own game, even if it's even less plot-centered than the others were. It doesn't seem like this one has alternate endings, like a couple of the others (I don't remember about Grim Granny, but the first one had two and the second one had three). I really like the idea of the bunnie getting big and menacing and getting back at the zombies. Maybe he'll kidnap one of the zombies' pets and then we'll get the reverse of the situation from A Grim Chase!


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