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October 11, 2018

news from bontegames: boo! update [mobile] + tricolore ep

It's a slow week for interesting new games, but I have two exciting things to tell you about my own games!

Firstly, did you enjoy my latest game BLACK? And did you enjoy the music in the game?
Well, ever since I released YELLOW and RED I have been getting requests about what the music was in the games and if it was available somewhere online to download. Well the music is of course mine and I have been working on something to get the music of my colour games into your hands!

Sooooo... I can proudly present you now: the 'Tricolore EP', a three track digital EP with high quality recordings of the music from my games BLACK, YELLOW and RED!

You can stream or download my 'Tricolore EP' here, enjoy!

Secondly, it's almost Halloween and maybe you remember my spooky puzzle game BOO! that I released last year in a rush just a couple of days before Halloween.

Well now I took some time to do a proper update of the app. So please enjoy BOO! v2.0 with more supported languages, a more colorblind friendly palette, more help and even some more levels!

Download the free game BOO! for your iPhone/iPad from the Apple app store here or for your Android phone/tablet from the Google Play store here, or click your favourite app store:


wyatt (leslie on FB) said...

again, thanks so much for your passion and all you do, bart...
much appreciated <3 xo

Anonymous said...

Thank you Bart !!!

Anonymous said...

I've been following the blog for many years now and I just wanna say thank you for everything, I love all your games and music too

Yu said...

Black was awesome! However I liked more the previous ones. I always enjoy your games!

Snap said...

Downloaded this game on my android device. Hope, I will enjoy this by playing in my free time. And, keep running your work...


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