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October 02, 2018

hocus. [mobile]

To celebrate the third anniversary of their minimal perspective illusion puzzler based on M.C. Escher drawings and impossible shapes, is making hocus. free for a while, so if you don't own this chill mobile puzzler yet, now is the time to get it!
Download this free mobile game from the Apple app store or the Google play store.


Anonymous said...

Pleasant game, and it's free, thanks!

Anonymous said...

It's "free" only insofar as you get the first levels for free. You still have to pay if you want the rest (unless the big "Buy" marker didn't mean what it seemed to mean; I didn't actually check).

As for the game itself though, meh, I did the first 20 or so levels and got pretty bored. The levels were getting larger, but they still just boiled down to pretty simple mazes. There weren't any new mechanics introduced that made for any interesting puzzle aspects. I'm afraid this one isn't even worth the $0.00 that I spent on it.

Anonymous said...

The first few levels have always been free, I played the game before. How do you get the rest of the levels for free, unless that's not what the designers meant?


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