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March 15, 2018

#wargames [browser]

#WarGames is a new interactive adventure by Sam Barlow about a clan of misfit hackers that transform from pranksters to international hacker celebrities. The story plays out via the main characters’ webcams, smart phones and video feeds and the interactivity lies in the fact that your decisions on what screens you are focusing shapes the story and the characters.


Sample said...

Is anything but episode 1 up? It keeps making me replay it over and over again.

Bart said...

Yes there are 6 episodes. If you have troubles, just refresh and it continues where you were.

Matt said...

Has anyone figured out how your focus actually changes anything?

Eim said...

You see that bar up at the top? Who/what you focus on for the majority between the "save points" will change where you (as lighthouse/Kell) look for or focus on.


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