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March 28, 2018

factory balls, new update [mobile paid]

New balls! Yes yes, I wanted to let you know that I have been busy and updated my Factory Balls app again with new levels. There are now 164 levels in total! I have also improved the interface (larger view on the ball) and the controls. The controls now work just like in my Boo! game: tap a tool and the ball will move to the tool and the tool will be used. To remove the tool you can tap the tool again or simply tap the ball to remove the tool that was last added. So make sure to update the app (or get it when don't already own it) because this is the best Factory Balls ever made ;)
You can get Factory Balls for iOS on the Apple app store or for Android on the Google Play store or the Amazon app store.


Anonymous said...

Great Bart!

Anonymous said...

With stage 175 Robin Vencel pays a Big Easter Tribute to you, Bart! Factory Eggs!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping the app updated Bart, I LOVE factory balls!!

colinbashbash said...

I like how it seems to pause longer when you finish a level so that you can appreciate that it all came out right. Thanks :)

Belz said...

Stage 175 of Monkey Happy is the a mini version of your amazing factory balls, I love them both, but nothing replace factory balls.

Redstucco said...

Factory Balls is just brilliant. Thanks for the new adds. Such a pleasure to use something of such elegance and fun. Thank you!


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