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February 28, 2018

the majesty of colors [mobile paid, browser oldie]

Almost 10 years after it's original Flash release Future Proof Games have remastered their cult classic browser game. Experience The Majesty of Colors, a dreamy philosophical story with multiple endings now on your iOS or Android device.
You can still play the original Gregory Weir Flash game here.


veewee said...

I plaid online and managed to get 2 different endings (A and B) - I'm curious to figure out how to get the other endings. Nice little game!

Unknown said...

I really liked playing this game (browser) and I took some time and got all the endings! the C ending was one I had trouble with (so I looked it up) but all the endings were fun to find and had mysterious endings. Good game! :)

Nat R. said...

I got all except D so far... Not sure if I should post them, they don't seem to be that hard to find. I often feel spoiler walkthroughs sort of kill the fun of the game, especially in an exploration game like this.

Nat R. said...

I do love going back to old games like this one, and especially love some of Gregory Weir's work, like "The Day." Not always difficult, but thought-provoking.
(Also got D now. Now I've got to go think about that game for a week.)

Anonymous said...

no way I was playing this just a day or two before you posted this. been playing this for almost 10 years... still forget how to get some of the endings sometimes lol


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