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February 01, 2018

hack the net [browser]

And here is Alan Hazelden's latest puzzler and entry for Global Game Jam 2018, the puzzlescript puzzle game Hack the Net.


Unknown said...
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Catherine Munson said...

After the first seven levels I was lost.

Nat R. said...

I got to B7, at that point brute-forcing them really doesn't work anymore. I really had to work backward and think about the positions I needed to have. Making you think is Alan Hazelden's specialty.

(Also, it's funny that below a game called, "Hack the Net," there's a link that says, "Hack this game.")

Rebecca said...

I have yet to solve a single E level! Gah! This was a fun challenge, but I may have to call it quits. Has anybody beaten an E level??

Anonymous said...

Did them all - took some time, though. Nice one.

Long Peter said...

great game,
Finally finished all levels...

Levels are frustrating when you see in what position you have to be to finish the level, but cannot get the nodes there


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