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April 04, 2017

me [browser]

Me is a platformer by Jack the Creative about the pursuit of happiness combining mechanics and meaning. Use the cursor keys to enjoy this playable poetry.


palat said...

Sweet little platformer, completed!

akroe said...

Sadly unplayable for me, it slows my computer down enormously.

Rava said...

I also found it quite "heavy" and slow onmy PC, nevertheless I could play it all!
The idea is not super-original, but it has some nice twists and ideas! :)

Nat R. said...

Cool! Of course I went for the money, and of course I fell into the trap. After a while I figured out that money didn't matter. That's good old-fashioned philosophy! Reminded me of Onomastica from a while ago, but more meaning-of-lifey, which I kind of like to see in a game every now and then.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Ononastika was the game I was thinking about too. But I like this one better, clever stuff!

Anonymous said...

I got the 3X award, but why did I gain weight when I got old?
Most old people I know are thin.
Oh ya, I guess all the fatty people don't get old.

colinbashbash said...

Didn't load for me in chrome or firefox. just black screen


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