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February 09, 2017

screenshake 2017 [bontegames news]

A bit of bontegames development news: I'm working on a new game, something exciting, puzzly and yellow. And if you happen to be in Antwerp, Belgium this weekend, I will be at the screenshake 2017 indie game festival, where you can play a prototype of my game! See you there? If you come, maybe bring some sunglasses (the game is very yellow). Can you spot the game on the page?


longpeter said...

A new bontegame :)
can't wait

Anonymous said...

Yep! That's Yellow!

Unknown said...

Artists in past historical periods were often part of communities of fellow artists who critiqued, inspired and encouraged their work. (not to mention social camaraderie) Are you part of such a community of other Belgian game makers, or since the entire world is now at your disposal through the internet, do you get and give support and input from artists in a global community? Could you briefly say a few words about your interactions with fellow game-makers and their influence on you and yours on them? Or do you prefer solitude for fear of having ideas stolen?

Bart said...

Hi Bob, yes there's a Belgian game maker community with regular meetups. And I think the best way to find out if your ideas are any good is by seeing lots of people play your prototypes.


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