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February 20, 2017

home story: 1971 [browser]

A torn photo, a locked door and a birthday: solve all the puzzles to unravel the mystery of home story: 1971, a new point and click game by Justwo.


-k said...

Interesting game. Hoping they'll expand upon it in further chapters, but (I suppose) the story is complete, even as is. Thanks for sharing this one, Bart!

Voodooschaaf said...

Heyho, Bart,

do u have a single clue why I cannot get access to kongregate, my flash player version is the newest (installed 2 days ago) and also java. I do not know why i cannot get access to kongregate site, it shows always: u need to install the newest version of flash, this is not fair, I have the newest one. Pleas explain. Thanx

Bart said...

@Voodooschaaf maybe you are running an ad blocker that is interfering with kongregate?

Peter said...

Nice puzzles, I just didn't get the clock puzzle. Thanks Bart.

goldtoothfairy said...

peter- match the shadow to the star on the mobile, and then move it to match a picture on the wall. Your mouse will end up on a roman numeral :) btw, do this for each star, they don't fit together :D

Peter said...

@goldtoothfairy: I got that much, but the clock has two hands and I get three numbers. ;) I already consulted a walkthrough :(

Anonymous said...

To Voodooschaaf:

I couldn't get it to work initially either. (I reluctantly switched to Google Chrome yesterday.) And this message appeared on my screen towards the top of the page.

"Chrome has begun blocking Flash by default
If you are seeing issues with purchasing or badges not awarding please enable flash and try again."

Went into Chrome://plugins (Windows). Although Adobe Flash was already enabled, I had to select always allow (I think it was) to get it to work.

Closed my browser and started again, and it worked.

Not sure if this is the answer to your problem, but thought I would share. Hope this helps.

AltoFronto said...

I had to look at the walkthrough to find out that two of the numerals need to be combined to determine the position of the clock hands (maybe the size of the stars was meant to be a clue).

I loved the idea of the shadow puzzle, but that bit didn't make sense to me at all.

Nice storyline, though. :)

Anonymous said...

that is so sad. good game,

Voodooschaaf said...

Dear anonymous, I also did switch to chrome on IOS.
I got the same message as u, and did also select always allow, but sadly nuthin happende.
This is driving me nuts cuz I really want to show this game on my blog.
@Bart: I disabled my adblocker cuz I had this in suspicion...but no effect.
It is makin me sad.
But I will try again, even my husband which is an information scientist on OS does not know why it is not possiblke.

Voodooschaaf said...

Hi, to u all,
this was really strange, even the screen on Kongregate does say:
"Chrome has begun blocking Flash by default
If you are seeing issues with purchasing or badges not awarding please enable flash and try again."

I was able after loads of plugin changing on Crome (Thx anonymous) to make it work.
But in any way I am not convinced about playability for my users on my blog when I have to explain: use chome, enable this and that, than go back and start over.
This is not to comfortably and I dunno why kongregate does this, this is highly userunfriendly.

But anyway, I will keep going featuring games on my blog.

Carol said...

I think this is the saddest game I've ever played. It made me cry.

anna in spain said...

Good game, I did okay till I had to get some help with the shadow puzzle.
I remember when Simon came out, we had one. One little detail; 1971 was waaay too early for most people to have video cameras. But then the creators of the game probably weren't even born then. ;)

Kiel B said...

The shadow clock puzzle produces three numerals for three stars, but notice there is a 4th symbol hanging from the ceiling (it's a colon). So the position of the hanging stars and the colon provide the time in X:XX format.

Anonymous said...

Nice game... But I felt so bad at the end :'(

Anonymous said...

wow - nice little game and honestly - even if it makes me feel sad - I really do like that this sad story is put into a game or other way around - that there is a game to a story - it's reality for people around the world and creativity is a great way to get along with stuff - and to touch others

the star-shadow-puzzle is amazing


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