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January 26, 2017

snakisms [browser]

Snakisms is the latest Pippin Barr creation, it's philosophy made out of Snake games featuring lots of isms and lots of Snakes.


Anonymous said...

first :)

Anonymous said...

Totally stuck on nihilism ;-)

palat said...

What's up with casualism?

Anonymous said...

Does everyone else get some kind of "states of matter" file when they lose on narcissism?

wimp said...

On narcissism, it sets up a new e-mail to the game designer in the mail programme, telling him how great his work is ;)

Anonymous said...

Misread it as snarkisms.

MyReview said...

This is actually really cool, and kind of educational (since each level is based on the philosophy it's named under.) I like the conservatism one because it's classic, but I also love the anthropomorphic one because it's challenging. The romanticism one is kind of interesting too because you get a different message each time you eat the "apple."

I think nihilism is a blank empty page because if you read the definition of Nihilism, it's "extreme skepticism maintaining that nothing in the world has a real existence." Casualism is "the theory that all things exist or are controlled by chance," so that's what's up with that, and why you really can't win at it.

Nat R. said...

I don't think the point of the game is "winning" at anything, especially as you can't really win at basic snake games anyway. It's more of a high-score thing. The point here is the experience. (Yes, Anon @03:25, I know you were joking. It's just a general statement.)

An interesting mix. Some of them made me laugh out loud, some I totally didn't get. The narcissism one would have been hilarious if the mailto request had gone through, but I was expecting something more like whenever the snake runs into itself, it gains points. Overall very creative though; I like how some of them seem normal at first, and you have to explore to find the change from normal snake.


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