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September 01, 2016

red spade

Red spade by Wan is a short interactive story/puzzle, created for the 'ancient technology' themed Ludum Dare 36 game jam. (also available in French)


Anonymous said...

So is it me or is it impossible to get past the $100 bill?

Rava said...

No, I just got to the end of the story, you just have to understand how far to go back in the story! ;)

Nice idea for a game!

Anonymous said...

This is so like Zero Escape, nice game! :)

Tom said...

Interesting concept.

Mrs Olaf said...

I'm stuck trying to find the office. Can anyone provide a walkthrough please?

Jonas72 said...

Great little story/game!

Anonymous said...

Great story, great game!!! Thx for sharing with us, Bart!! It really thrilled me and appeared like a movie in my head! :)

eightoclock said...

@Mrs Olaf
The best advice if you are stuck is to go the very first prompt and try again from there.

The Great Unknown said...

Partial walkthrough:
1. Choose any actions. The game will end. Go back up the screen and click "I know what it is." Select "A dollar bill".
2. The name of a guest will be revealed. Back up again, to the beginning, and this time tell the doorman that name.
3. Once inside, select "stay and examine the room". Then go upstairs, inspect each room, clicking "go back to the hall" every time you've completed all the actions for each room.
4. At the last room, click "use the key".
5. Play until the end. Restart, select the name again, and climb through the office window.
6. Play to the end again, throwing yourself at Red Spade. Etc. Etc. Eventually the game literally destroys itself. I think this is the final ending. Pretty cool little game, no?

Test said...

Amazing concept and storyline! However, there's something I don't understand...

Why does the title of the game change to 'red club' when the protagonist keeps the watch?

Coffeeteamix said...

Loved this game! So simple to play but full of surprises.

@Ryan Tan
maybe because you then become the antagonist?

Anonymous said...

That was awesome! Mind blown. Thanks for sharing this with us, Bart!

Emily said...

THAT WAS AWESOME! Love the "keep it" ending!! It's like "The end... ?" and spooky music plays


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