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September 05, 2016

cat in japan, the browser version

A couple of months ago I added a completely new Bonte cat adventure to my 'Where is cat?' app, and today I'm releasing that addition as a browser game, enjoy cat in japan! The Bonte cat has arrived in Japan and can't stop dreaming about sushi. Can you find all the sushi by solving all the puzzles?

New Bonte cat adventures will always premiere in the 'Where is cat?' app before they hit the browser, so it's still a good reason to get the app if you don't already have it and support future bontegames :) Thank you!
You can get it for your iPhone/iPad or Android device by clicking your favourite app store below:

The app now includes 3 Bonte cat adventures and of course I'm planning to add more later! Thanks for your continued support of bontegames!


Anonymous said...

That was one I did without any help. I liked it because it was logical and you don't have to pixel hunt. The tricky part was the colors under the cat. But I figured it out with the help of three dolls.

Canadian Koala said...

Beautiful game!
Thanls Bart :)

Tom said...

Fun! Always nice to see desktop versions of these games!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great game, thanks Bart!

Anonymous said...

Excellent one !
Thank you Bart.

veewee said...

these are awesome!

Anonymous said...

If I had seen the gong sooner I would not have been trying to take the clover from the cat.

Anonymous said...

Super cute!!!
As usual!! :)

Coffeeteamix said...

What? That triangle is not the cat's mouth? :O
I always thought the cat was just always super happy to see me!

Great game, Bart!

Anonymous said...

I love that it is logical.
I have been playing through all the escape games on the Mouse city site.
I can never do them without a walkthrough for at least one gimmick.

wyatt (leslie on FB) said...

cute! but i don't think i used my pliers on anything?
thank you, bart! XO

Peter said...

Nice game, not too hard and very logical.

Lizzie!! said...

Fun! Hope Kitty doesn't get sick from all that sushi!

Stevens Miller said...

Best cat game yet, Bart.

Xexus said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Bart! I was great! A little on the easy side but I love it. Can you make more of these please? :)

Anonymous said...

:-) Fun, once I got it to load. Firefox 48.0.1 on OSX 10.11.5 was loading slowly and freezing. Worked just fine for Safari :-)

Anonymous said...

so cute!!! thx bart!

Christine said...

Definitely a family favorite!! I told the kids you were going to make more they can't wait!!!

Andy said...

Wyatt, if you finished you used them. You may not have realized just when, though; did you get both keys?

Nat R. said...

@Coffeeteamix: Same... LOL

Gwenda said...

Thank you Bart - as always, this was fun to play! :)

GAPPA said...

I was playing happily.
But, 銅鑼(dora) is a Chinese musical instrument.

Anonymous said...


Debbie said...

Lovely! Thought it was just right in length, difficulty and elegance.

Sophie said...

Heel leuk! Lovely!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for making the game in desktop for us!

Anonymous said...

What fun to have a cat game set in Japan! As the others say, just the right amount of difficulty, and lots of fun. Well done!

-- Anonymous C

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am a player in Japan!
Thank you for making so lovely game.

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!! Thanks Bart Bonte!

Jana said...

Very cute and fun - I loved it! Great job, Bart! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely game, but what were the pliers for?

Bart said...

You used the pliers to get the red key (to cut the chain).
I think you didn't notice because you probably had it selected when trying to get the sushi there.

-LIZ- said...

Another great game by Bart. I LOVE all your games. Thanks for doing what you do.

Anonymous said...

GG! Not to hard i like that

Nkt said...

Bravo!!! Awesome game!!! And wonderful music!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

This was a fun game. Beautiful music. This is one of my favorite games.

kim said...

I really need a way to download this soundtrack. this is the best music I've heard anywhere ever.
I come back to this game all the time, mostly to hear the music, also because I think these are very good puzzles!

Graviravimas ir pjaustymas lazeriu Vilniuje said...

Cool game :) training mind

Anonymous said...

This game is AMAZING! It reminds me of escape rooms. I could use about 1,000 more of these!!

Anonymous said...

It's almost not Japan!
It's China!!!

Gamer Boy said...

The page has been a solution.

Memorise the gong.
Click the sushi from under the sofa.
Click on the pillow and it turns out it's a gong. Click the sushi behind it.
Click on the purple pillow and click on the sushi.
Click on the sushi from on the windowsill.
Take a left and click the picture where the sushi is.
Under the stool next to the bath tub has sushi.
Click on the towels on the stool and click the sushi.
Notice there's a head under the rug for the toys.
Click on the tap and click the drumstick.
Take a double right and remember the second shirt.
Click on the sushi under the umbrella and under it has a pointing to the left sign.
Click on the shirts to reveal the code.
Enter this code log on the pointing sign.
Click on the third drawer that doesn't need a code and find a yellow key.
Remember the third shirt.
Use the code 351246 on the second drawer e.g. 3 will be the third button.
Take a right and use the yellow key to open the two drawers in the middle.
Use the code for the gong on the left of the opening.
Memorise the three fish. Not just the order up to down, the colour code next to it.
The code must look like a full stop from the orange fish. Blue fish was a smiley face, purple was a sad face.
Click on the teapot and the right pillow.
Take a right and on the cat, use the code left right left left right right left right.
Use the green flower to colour the yellow hole.
Take a right and your system of toys must be filled with sensation.
If you memorised the first shirt, you would know exactly where they're looking.
Use the code right forward backward forward left for toys.
Use the cheese and go in a next room then go back into that room that you were just in.
Use the light to light up the barrel.
Use that code in the wood thing in the bathroom.
Memorise the cats in the living room.
The blank ones won't have colour on the next colour code.
Red was on the big left.
Green was on the bottom average or middle.
Blue was on the upper right.
Use that code on the colour code under the cat.
Use the tweezers to obtain the red key.
Click the two sushi then in the playroom, give away the red key by putting it in the pink fish.

It's actually great to come up with walkthroughs like that but seriously, I don't know how to play free the bird and elsewhere coming up with those situations. It automatically comes up by whatever you can deal with. See me next time the factory balls.


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