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October 20, 2015


Stack the colored chips to build the task stack in each level following the rules in the puzzler stacko by Kings Kollege.


Anonymous said...

Very clever. I like it.

Anonymous said...

There must be something funny with the controls, or else I'm not getting how this works. Sometimes the last block jumps by itself to finish the stack, sometimes it doesn't, and I can't always select which block jumps first.

Compared to the similar Doggnation, this game fails miserably.

jj said...

Left always jumps first. I had a doggnation flashback too :-)

deodato said...

Very funny ! At the beginning I didnt understand why the 8 first levels gave the solution, but it's just a workout, don't give up. Then you may complete 1st stage up to 20 rather easy levels, then on the 2nd stage there are 20 more levels with a "trampoline" cube, and on the 3rd there is a "change color cube". Very creative.

Tom said...

@Anonymous it's like a staircase, only instead of being linear, it's grid. Each interior "step" has a left parent and a right parent (to the upper-left and upper-right), and a left child and a right child (to the lower-left and lower-right). Steps at the edge may not have all of these.

The clicking is completely deterministic. When clicking on a step, first the chip stack on the left parent (if any) will jump on top of the clicked step, then the chip stack on the right parent (if any) will jump on top of the clicked step. Your task is to match the goal chip stack, on any of the steps, in as few clicks as possible.

The mechanics are different, but the geometry is similar to that of the old Qbert arcade game.

Anonymous said...

nice - thanks for sharing :)
- but way too easy

chigley said...

Absolutely loved Doggnation

Carly said...

Fun, fun, fun! Played the whole thing through without hitches, got three stars everywhere. Pretty easy, but not so easy as to be boring. Nice choice, Bart!

Anonymous said...

Had to stop & think on 2 of the levels.
Good thing they won't let me keep playing.

Emily said...

I liked it! But it's not letting me do the 3rd stage, it says I have to get the app.


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