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March 26, 2015

shurizzle 2

Ninjadoodle wants you to make shurikens again: 20 new shuriken making levels in the puzzler shurizzle 2.


Anonymous said...


Ypsu said...

second :P

that was an easy one

Anonymous said...

only one i had trouble with was the one where all the pieces but the one you click on rotates, passed that level by dumb luck

Anonymous said...

These were easier than some of ninjadoodle's games, but still lots of fun! Thanks!

David said...

Great little game

Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! that was fun! I passed! XD

Cyn said...

Stuck. letter "A" on left. Arrow on right. Scroll to find the four pieces in center of puzzle, but facing away from each other (opposite corners). No matter what I click on, it resets the puzzle. Help please?

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't work for me in Firefox (loaded the sound and effects, but visuals were stuck on the loading bar), but Opera worked just fine.

I hope this helps if someone has a similar problem.


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