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March 10, 2015


Guide the red and blue player simultaneously to their exit in the puzzle script puzzler opposition by Matthew VanDevander.


abi said...

First! yes!
Very challenging after the second part.

eightoclock said...

I feel like I have played something like this before, but I don't think I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed this one.

Helen said...

This reminds me of the game "Greens survive only when Reds die" but that game is much better. I got bored after the first part of this.

zbeaker said...

Great--short challenging game!

Thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

This game is rather challenging.

Please keep posting them.

Anonymous said...

This game is also blacking out in the SW quadrant but it is not broken.
There must be a bug in "puzzle script"

Anonymous said...

I was able to play after I switched from Chrome to Firefox.
However a text enter field would pop up at the start of several levels at the bottom of the screen.


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