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November 05, 2014

onomastica 2

Use the cursor keys to travel the mysterious world and find out how to overcome obstacles in the linguistic platformer onomastica 2 by mif2000.


PK said...

That was really . . . boring. Not BAD, just kind of dull. *shrug*

-k said...

I really enjoyed that, wasn't expecting the loop. Thanks for sharing this with us, Bart!

Anonymous said...

simple and cool. I didn't know if it had ended or not!!

anna in spain said...

"Onomastica" is the word used to refer to a person's "name day" in officially Catholic countries (ie the saint they were named after). For adults, the "onomastica" usually replaces the birthday in terms of celebration, presents etc. (Personally, though not Catholic, I celebrate both...a present is a present, after all! ;)

Are we supposed to "jump" over the tree? I prefer point-and-click to cursor games.

Jane F said...

Nice. :)

John said...

Fun, I do think the first one was more exciting because it was new, but now we know what to expect.

Kati said...

Interesting idea, I like it ^^


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