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November 15, 2014

one dollar a year

Time for an update on my latest mobile game 'Sweet Drmzzz' that was released last week. First of all thanks to everyone who already got the app and for supporting bontegames! So who has already completed the game? Exciting news: yesterday the game was reviewed on major mobile games site PocketGamer and it received their Silver Award! You can read that review here.
Now this is the one time in a year that I ask money for a game, to support my future free browser games, and to support the bontegames site. So for only one dollar you can get this 'elegant, charming and challenging masterclass in simple and intuitive game design' (those are the words from PocketGamer, not mine ;) ) and support bontegames in the meantime!
Here is where you can get the game for Android, for Apple iPhone/iPad or for Amazon Kindle.
One more thing, if you have already got the game, can you please take a minute to leave a rating/comment in the app store, it really helps the discoverability of the game, thanks so much!
Now, time to start thinking about and working on that next free game, my yearly Christmas game... Cheers!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bart,
I've bought your game and rated it 5 stars. I'm the one with thick fingers who has trouble playing Sugarsugar.
I have reached level 45 (seems manageable). How many levels are there?

anna in spain said...

You'd sell more games if they weren't strictly for cellphones/tablets.

Bart said...

Thanks! There are 50 levels, so you're almost there, but it might get a little hard in the end ;)

b said...

@ anna in spain
Bart has made 35 FREE browser games, entertained us with over seven years of rooting around the web to find some of the most interesting games, and your going to whine about the fact that he doesn't make PC browser games anymore??? Please get a life!

the Belz said...

First of all, Congrats for the silver award.

I've bought the game, and now stuck on level 45. (it gives a boost to know there is only 5 levels to finish it, but in second though "what am gonna do in my life when I finish it" T_T )

What about the update, what is new?

Bart said...

Btw that Christmas game is of course going to be a free browser game.

Anonymous said...

I'd buy a copy of the game but for the fact that I use a Windows phone :(

chefsinger said...

Gave you props on Amazon.... I think you'll do well!

Bart said...

Cheers chefsinger!

Josh said...

Thank you for the new game. Will we ever see me of Factory Balls? I would love to see new levels for Kindle. I don't have a computer and therefore cannot play any of the browser games but I'd gladly pay for more on Amazon.

Anonymous said...

Despite my thick fingers I've finished the game! (I'm sure I'm not FIRST, but nobody has claimed it yet on this site.) I think I will play it all over again. Totally worth the lousy 99 cents. Thank you Bart!
And, by the way, I love Factory Balls for Christmas.

Stevens Miller said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stevens Miller said...

Absolutely delighted to buy this game for my iPhone. Gave it five stars with my review.

Thanks for this game and for this site, Bart!

Cak said...

Hi Bart, I would pay for the game, but I'm using a Windows Phone too.

Maybe one day, you decide to support Windows platform too ... Hm, there are not so much Windows user, I guess. On the other hand, each of your games was worth to pay for it. Maybe there should be a pay abo, so that less Windows user pay enoguh for their "special" adopted version?

For the meanwhile I'm very happy to find most of the games as browser games on your website. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to enjoy all the bontegames.

But, is it possible to support you anyway with click on distinct button on the website or something like that?

So far: Thank you very much. You gave wonderful "gaming sessions" to me!


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