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December 05, 2013

furiosity, an update

Now that my mobile puzzler Furiosity was released three weeks ago, here's a little update. As you know Furiosity is now available in the Apple, Google and Amazon appstores. First of all I would like to thank everyone who already bought the app and for giving it such a warm welcome, because the average user rating is 4.9/5.0!
Here are some highlights of press attention the app already received: Indie game magazine reviewed Furiosity and rewarded it with a score of 85. Super Game Droid reviewed the app and called it a surefire hit and unique puzzler. Appstore Arcade called Furiosity a very intriguing indie puzzler. Furiosity was also reviewed on JayIsGames and the App Spy, and it was mobile pick on
Some other bonte news: for the moment I'm busy making my usual Christmas game, ho ho ho! Expect a brand new free browser puzzle game, not a sequel to one of my games, but something new... so see you soon with a new bontegame!
Oh, one more thing, if you bought the Furiosity app and liked it, please please please please take a moment to leave a rating and/or review in the appstore! It would mean a lot to me! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I'm very happy, playing on my tablet(I have reached level 46). Do you know if there is a walkthrough, if needed?

Stevens Miller said...

It's great to see your work receive such recognition, Bart.

But about your next Christmas game... No more balls? No sugar?

I admire a man who takes risks. 8-)

Anonymous said...

Let me guess ... is it taking candy canes off the x-mass tree, sucking on them till they get pointy & then stabbing them into the cliff so you can climb up to the north pole while being pelted by Santa elf snowballs.

Emily said...

Congratulations on the good ratings, Mr. Bonte! Unfortunately, I do not have a mobile phone so I cannot buy your app or leave a rating. :( But I loved the furiosity on the computer
And Anonymous @ 03:59,...?

Emily said...

I can't wait for your new game either!

ZET said...

Is it gonna be able for Android?

Bart said...

Yes you can get the Android version in the Google Play store or the Amazon appstore.


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