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December 05, 2013

clickplay time 3

The play button has gone missing once more. So it's time to go searching for it in each of the scenes in Ninjadoodle's latest: clickplay time 3.


Maow said...

Stuck at lvl 16 xc

Anonymous said...

Video Walkthrough:

Daniela said...

first!!! :D

Unknown said...

Another one? Can't wait to play it!

Emily said...

Another great Click-play time! I got stuck on level 16, but other than that fairly easy.

Anonymous said...

Love these games. Wish there were 20 more levels!

-k said...

Thank for sharing this with us, Bart!

Anonymous said...

nice game. :-)

Stevens Miller said...

Used the walkthrough on Level 8, with the shapes composed of (you're supposed to notice this) blocks/tiles. Others were pretty straightforward.

Why do games like this even amuse us? They do, but why?

Jane F said...

Don't understand level 20 - "Spelling By Colour"... ? Going back to trying to figure it out - but will be checking back here later (if I fail) to see if anyone can explain it to me. I bet it's DEAD obvious too! lmho ;)

CheddarMelt said...

Jane F:

Each of the four positions has a color associated with it.

The chart has letters in each of those four colors.

Take all the letters for that particular color, and see if they anagram into something.

dyork said...

300 seconds and no stars. How quick do you have to be to get a score?

Emily said...

Dear Jane F. and Jennifer N.,
Actually, for "Spelling by colour", you don't have to anagram anything. Number 1 is in the spot of the first letter of that color, number 2 in the second, and so on.

Dear Dyork,
I believe the time is under 300 seconds.

Anonymous said...

WOO! I got three stars! :)

Jane F said...

Thank you Emily! x (I KNEW it would be "easy when you know how" lol)

tam said...

great fun :)

NotMarian said...

Too short!! I want more!

Jane F said...

280 seconds and 2 only stars... Wonder how you're supposed to get them all! lol

Unknown said...

Jane F,
I had to do it in 111 seconds before I got all 5 stars.

Anonymous said...

really do not understand 8....

tam said...

Level 8:
Think of the square as the measurement unit ("square = 1"): you have to count how many little squares there are in each shape.

Emily said...

A walkthrough, for anyone who needs help. I didn't include any answers, I explained each level.
1. "A tight squeeze" There's only one thing you can click on. Click on it.
2. "Famous Cigars" What country makes famous cigars, and is spelled like "cube" with an a replacing the e? Click on two letters to switch them, and spell out the country's name.
3. "Perfect Balance" The iceburg is tilted to one side. It works like a scale, and you need to balance it. Click on a penguin to switch its side.
4."White Space" Look at the white space, between each of the gray blocks.
5. "Traffic Jam" Clicking cars make them move forward, or try to. In a traffic lane, the car in front has to be first to move.
6. "What a Bullfight" What country is home of the bullfights, and is spelled like "rain" with a p instead of an r, and an s in front of it?
7."A Little Odd" Look at each of the creatures. Click on the odd one out.
8. "Floor space" In the corner it shows you how big each square is. Enter how many squares are in the figure under it.
9. "Laser Pipes" To activate the laser, you must make each circle the same color as the dot a pipe attaches it to. Change their color by clicking on them. Once activated, you can control the direction of the laser by putting it through a pipe. Change the direction of the pipes by clicking on them. Get the laser to hit the question mark box.
10. "Gobble Gobble" What goes gobble gobble?
11."Missing Bubbles" Clicking on the arrow next to the picture lets you scroll through a series of cartoons. But they don't have any speech bubbles. Clicking on the picture allows you to scroll through some speech bubbles. Match each bubble to the cartoon it best fits with, while also making sure the whole comic strip makes sense.
12. "Hidden Clues" Upon close inspection, you will see the tops of 4 ninja heads. Clicking on them will make the ninjas pop up, revealing their clue. Apply each clue to the number of the same color.
13. "Let Your Hair Down" Above the gate on the building are 4 symbols. The same symbols are on bells next to the building. Ring them in the order shown on the building, and a braid falls down. Click it to climb up it.
14. "Tropical Paradise" What country is spelled liked "bananas", but the first n is replaced by an h and the second is replaced by an m?
15. "Colour Mixer" It gives you 5 creatures, colored as the primary colors, black, and white. On the board it asks what + what =: and shows you green, then purple, then orange, then pink, then grey. Select, by clicking on them, the two colors that could be mixed to make the color shown.
16. "Stanley Kubrick" The clue is ????: Space Odyssey. Stanley Kubrick made a movie that was called _: A Space Odyssey. The _ stands for a 4-digit year. If you still don’t know, Google the movie.
17. "Date Night" The boy has to pick a hat, glasses, shirt, and pants/shoes. For each different type of clothing, one item adds one bar to the girl's happiness, another adds two, and the last will add three. The girl has 12 bars on her happiness meter, so selecting the item that adds three bars to her happiness in each of 4 categories will fill her meter.
18. "Little Bit of Africa" What country starts with bat, with an o replacing the a, and ends with "swan" with an a on the end?
19. "Mismatched" Click each sock, then click on the one that exactly matches it.
20. "Spelling By Colour" Each of the four positions has a color associated with it. The chart has letters in each of those four colors. Number 1 is in the spot of the first letter of that color, number 2 in the second, and so on.

Unknown said...

Awesome! I got the overall high score with 92 seconds!

Anonymous said...

Clickplay is such an awesome series of games and this one lives up to the standard.


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