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June 04, 2013

slime laboratory 2

A bit of slime ended up in a mysterious genetic laboratory. Can you guide it through all the traps and enemies hiding in the platformer slime laboratory 2 by Neutronized?


Michelle said...

Oooh, I like it :) The slime is really cute

Anonymous said...

Have you played the FIRST one ?
Cause this is the SECOND one.

tam said...

I'll wait for the THIRD one, of course!

Anonymous said...

Fun so far (been playing for about an hour, how many levels are there?)
But some parts are downright BRUTAL!!! You get past it ONCE and never look back!!!

Anonymous said...

According to the level select screen there are ONLY 15 levels, but some take forever!

I finally beat it!
Final Score: 51,018. Whew! That was a chore!

Anonymous said...

It's a lame rip off from qoosh. that was a really fun game. waiting on a sequal!

Unknown said...

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