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April 15, 2013

liquid measure 3 poison pack

Route the poison to the pots to fill them all by moving the pieces to the right place in the puzzler liquid measure 3 poison pack by Smartcode Games.


jj said...

Nice! Took me a while to realize in the first level that the empty pot to fill is on top of the other one :-)

Anonymous said...

Great series! Love this one too!

Rava said...

Liquid measure is back
! Yeaaaaaah! :D

-LIZ- said...

Love this series!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just what I need to take a break from exam review! Thanks Bart, I love this series.

Anonymous said...

More fun with pipes! Some times a valid solution won't work. just swap an item or two. I hope they make the liquid more dangerous next time. They could add pressure dials or dirty clogged pipes & have things break with spray or explosions. Then it would be like where I work, only without the stink and scrubbing.

dyork said...

Very good series. All solved, but a couple with some difficulty. Good gradation, except last couple are a bit easy.

More please.

Carly said...

Thumbs up!


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