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November 23, 2012

humbug 2

Think out of the box and find out which rules of physics you have to break in every level of the puzzle platformer humbug 2 by Pixel Continuous.


Anonymous said...

Wrong link...

Bart said...

Oops sorry, I have corrected it now!

Anonymous said...

any idea for level 11?

Amy! said...

... minoto is coming... :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How do you move!?

Anonymous said...

Oh, my keyboard wasn't working.(time for a new one)

Yu-chan said...

Great!! How so you get the good ending?? ^__^

Anonymous said...


Diamond 1: On menu, look for arrow above wanted poster and press the brick that it points to.
Diamond 2: On level 4, enter code "5369" onto slot machine and then press Enter (Code from Humbugger)
Harp: On level 8, Get hot air balloon and start floating up like normal, then take your strength down to 0, when you reach heaven you may take the angel's harp.
Cookie: On level 6, March in time with the soldiers once you have the axe.
Diamond 3: On level 12, the diamond is on the top right near the cloud. You need to time the collapse well and utilise the two bricks on the left side of the wall so that you are high enough up to reach the diamond.
Bat: On level 13, press pause while jumping on the moon and only let the bridge open enough to let you in, you can then grab the bat.
Diamond 4: On level 16, jump where the number "8" is written near the bottom left eight times and the diamond falls out.

I got the exact same ending when I had 3 diamonds as when I had all 4 but every other item is necessary.

Anonymous said...

Trying to get the hidden items. Really struggling though. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 20:40, look at the comment I posted just above yours.

Anonymous said...

Oh Great, got it. But now I am stuck on at the angel

Anonymous said...

Wow. Good thing I remebered a little something about Morse Code :)

PyroLuna said...

level 7 help please

Anonymous said...

This game is SO much fun, I love true 'puzzle' platformers that take a bit of fun knowledge. said...

Ok, so I have four diamonds, the harp, the cookie, and the bat. I get to the end. I call a taxi. Now what? The angel says I need "harp, wings, and gloriole". What the heck does that mean?

PK said...

(Sorry, got the fields reversed. I'm not a spambot, honest!)

Anonymous said...


Not sure if you still need help but if you do: You have the harp and your "gloriole (halo)" is your cookie. Now you just need to get toilet paper to make your wings. To do this you tap out SOS on the toilet door in morse code (. . . - - - . . .)

Squeaker said...

hmmm... nice game but i am (pathetically) stuck on lvl 5. help?

Anonymous said...


[DIAMOND#1: Found on the menu screen. There is an arrow pointing to which brick you must click on above the wanted poster]

Level 0 (Contemplated not including this but what the hey): Walk right *applause*
Level 1: Press Q (or P) to pause while the chicken is in the air and use it to jump across to the other side. Increase strength to 5 by pressing "2" and break the wall.
Level 2: Press spacebar on the torch to raise the gate.
Level 3: Grab the "You can pass" speech bubble from the top knight using spacebar and place on bottom knight. You may now pass!
Level 4: Jump on spikes, increase strength to at least 1 (press "2") and continue onwards. [DIAMOND#2: Enter code "5369" onto slot machine and then press Enter and then pull lever on side (Code from Humbugger)]
Level 5: Die on spikes and then increase strength to at least 1, Jump onto the bubble that says "You have died" and pass back and forth in front of the torch until it goes out. You can now head back down and on to the next level.
Level 6: Jump up to the top and head across to the right. You will not be allowed to pass and will fall down. Grab the axe from the poster and you may now continue onwards. [COOKIE: March in time with the knights]
Level 7: Pause game when cannonball is in reachable position and grab it. Place it to the lefthand side of the screen and unpause. Continue this process until you have 2 or more cannonballs and use these to continue upwards.
Level 8: Grab wire with spacebar and attach to knight's axe. Change channel to hot air balloon and grab it. Jump above the torch to ascend. [HARP: Reduce strength to 0 (Using "1") while floating upwards to ascend to Heaven. Steal the angel's harp >=)]

Anonymous said...


Level 9: Press lever, pause the game with just enough room for the ghost to pass out the righthand side, lure it out and head left. Unpause when you're in the clear. Congratulations, you've made ghost pancake! Use lever on elevator to head up to next level.
Level 10: Press lever on the right and pause cannonball in the air. You will need to jump from one, unpause and land on another cannonball. Then pause game again whilst on the other side just when a cannonball appears. Grab it and use it to jump up on the ledge. Continue right.
Level 11: Use lever so that cannonballs are firing just over the knight's head. Pause the game when it covers the "not" of "cannot". You can pass!
Level 12: Pull chain to make castle unstable. remove brick to make castle fall and continue onwards. [DIAMOND#3: Utilise both loose bricks on the righthand side and the pause button to reach the diamond to the top right near the cloud]
Level 13: Jump up clock tower and jump onto the moon. Continue jumping until it becomes 12 o'clock. [BAT: only let the bridge fall just enough for you to jump through]
Level 14: Continually pause and jump on top of wheel until you reach the sneaky key (snea-key) in the menu bar at the top. Continue right, my friend!
Level 15: Change strength to 3 and head through wall at the top right. Increase strength to 8 and head through the wall at the middle bottom TWICE.
Level 16: Press lever and pause before weight hits you, head to the right and fall on spikes. Then let weight fall on you. Head right once again and kill yourself on the spikes hanging from the ceiling. Head left and kill yourself for the final time on the spikes over there. Leave at the top right! [DIAMOND#4: Jump and hit your head where "8" is written on the wall (bottom left) eight times]
*End level*: Head across to crown and wait for scene to end. Place diamonds to call taxi and see that you need wings, a harp and a halo. You have a harp already and the cookie masquerades as your halo but you need to fashion yourself some wings out of toilet paper but some rude person won't let you join them in the cubicle! Tap SOS out on the toilet door in morse code ( . . . - - - . . .). Head across to the taxi. CONGRATULATIONS!

*Must have all items (at least 3 diamonds) to complete end level*

Anonymous said...

After attempting the game once more I came upon an error I made on the walkthrough regarding Level 15. It seems the wall you need to pass through is not always the same for everyone/every playthrough but the process is.

Anonymous said...

I can't walk in time with the knights on level six. I neeeeeeeeed the cookie to win!

Anonymous said...

A tip if you are having trouble keeping time with the soldiers on level six: every three soldiers, there is a break between the third and fourth soldier. That is where you need to go in to march in time.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE THIS GAME!?I don't understand it well, but it is fun!!!


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