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April 03, 2012

hood episode 3

Remember you were sent to a small village, suffering from a witch, well the story continues in hood episode 3 by Hyptosis.


Sleepy said...

And on it goes, Thx..... :)

Anonymous said...

WOO! This just made my day! Thanks Bart!

Anonymous said...

awful piece of garbage
I do not get why these games not have an ingame journal, so you do not have to write all stuff down with a pencil.

Anonymous said...

I found this walkthough over at EG24. It was made by Rookwings. I just wanted to pass it along to anyone who might need it.

WALKHROUGH part one:

Talk to both blokeys in the opening scene and select every option.
The Weathermage is my favourite. I just wanted to plop him one on the head with my faithful pumpkin, haha.
The village elder is a bit of a burk, too, but he seems a little bit scared of you, so you won't be doing as he says and you WILL look for the girl.
Use the back arrow to talk to the two characters in the town and things become a bit clearer.
They also help you remember aspects of the previous episode.
You also work out that you are in fact quite a nice guy =D

From here use the "Town's edge" arrow, then the "Dark swamp" arrow.
Mouse over everything and read the game's text. It helps give you hints as to what you need to do.
I used the right arrow - "The small path heading north".
Look at the little red scrap on the ground.
It's obviously part of the hood that Granny gave Cameron to keep her safe - so she went this way at some point.

Continue down the path and see the large black stone and the stone ring.
You can zoom in on the black stone to see an empty space which needs something rectangular and green swirls like electricity flowing up the engraved tracks.
"Backtrack", then walk towards the township. Now use the "Deeper into the swamp" arrow.

Here I used the "many stone statues" arrow and went all the way left, investigating, then I returned to the path and used the "small cliff" arrow [right fork].

Go to the "door in the stone cliff" the use the arrow to enter it.
Talk to the little scrawny bod [the fithling] inside and then pinch his spade.
He gives you a riddle which he heard from an imp, and you need to remember it or write it down [a screenie will do if you can get one].

Use the "Back to swamp" arrow and then go straight on into the swamp.
Here are some price-tag-like stones tied to the trees. One is different. Grab it.
Use the "some kind of shrine" arrow [right] and see some little houses with coin slots in the top. These are offering boxes, I imagine, to put money in for the gods/spirits/deceased [though, what they'd do with the money, I'm really not sure].
Use the "strange, lone tree" arrow [right].

Anonymous said...

WALKHROUGH part two:

Yay! A puzzle =D
If you sit and wonder for a minute, the only thing you've seen or heard so far which could help you here is the fithling's riddle, so check out that he said and try to correlate the phrases to the marks on the three rings.
He said, "two stood by a dead one". Look around the outer ring and find two vertical marks next to a horizontal one.
Next you need two hollow. Find two empty circles on the middle ring.
The central ring turns anticlockwise, so find two dead [two horizontal] and line all the symbols with the top [the arrow engraved into the tree].
The tree will open and there's that enchanted drill he was running on about.

Go back and talk to the fithling again. He tells you to find a smooth stone and take it to a place of power. This is the last time he is useful.
At this point, the only likely-looking place I'd seen was that vine wrapped around the broken statue piece [beyond the "many stone statues" arrow]. I was lucky. The perfectly smooth stone went onto the flat part and the drill worked nicely, making a big hole in the centre.

Take your stone back and click on it. Cool! You can see things not visible to the naked eye.
I wandered around everwhere, looking through the stone, to see all sorts of spiritual stuff that wasn't there before. Little bods lurking about, for instance, at the red scrap. The weathermage has a lightning sign above his head, haha [??]. The uncarved grave stones DO actually have writing on them.
Blue smears and blobs all over the place.
If you go past the door in the cliff and to the trees where you found the smooth stone you will see a new purple arrow leading you into the distance, "the demon prisoner and the girl walked this way".
Use the arrow.
Enter the cave and go further in.
If you keep the smooth stone held aloft you will spot a few bits and little spirity-things on the way [just for entertainment =D].
I would also advise NOT muting your computer, because the sounds here add to the atmosphere.
The in-game music itself isn't exactly that obtrusive boom-booming that vibrates whole supermarkets while you are inside them, trying to remember what you'd written on your lost shopping list.

You arrive at a post with machinery on it. You can click the slender red button and scroll through the symbols to see which number they represent, but I found no use for this except to familiarise me [perhaps] with the red button mechanisms. I left it back on the empty square shape.

Use the "large door" arrow [left].
Another red button device.
If you click the button, a symbol or icon appears in the square above and the first tube is active. If you pull the handle beside it that tube fills by one dose. Pressing the red button again changes the icon and the next tube is ready to fill. After experimenting a bit, I left them all with one dose, but I had seen that they have four doses to be full.
Use the "corner" arrow [left] and see a flute which you can yoink if you like it - and play quite sweetly, a tiny dead chracter holding a drill, and some markings on the wall.

Anonymous said...

WALKHROUGH part three:

If you used the smooth stone in here at all you will instantly see that the three maks drawn here match the ones by the second device. The eyes light up just the same.
[Occasionally you get a brown blobby dude pop up in your face, but just wait until he goes away, haha. Beside him appears a few words: "SHE LIED TO YOU" - ????].

Study the six rectangles beneath the three faces and see that they are each at one of four heights.
These are showing you which tube to fill to each level.
They are 2, 3, 2, 3, 1 and 4 from left to right.

Go back to the "larger door" [right].
Make sure the square shows the cat face and pull the lever once. The green liquid fills to level two [if you left it at one like I did].
Click the red button to show the next icon [looks like a crudely-drawn bird] and pull the lever twice to get it to level three, and so on until the tubes are filled by the same amounts as the marks on the wall to your left.
The icons after the bird are: eye, three long "s"s, a diamond with two dots and a patch of stickman grass, [or tuft of hair, whichever you prefer] in case you got out of order and can't tell which icon works which tube.
When this is done a door opens in front of you, so go in.
[I went to every new place armed with the smooth stone - you can still click the direction arrows whilst wielding it, but nothing was in here as far as I remember.]
Keep going until you arrive at a forest clearing with "disturbed ground".
Click your spade to use it and dig four holes.
You will get a "Lethean coin" and a "drainstone".

When I played I dropped the gold coin into one of the tiny coin-slot shrines, but I don't think you need to.

Go all the way back to the "small path heading north", past the red scrap and back to the black stone and the stone ring.
Time to give the green electricity some direction.
Use the "drainstone" to channel the green stuff up to the circle and then back out.
The stone circle has changed into a portal of some kind. Step through and watch the ending.
I seemed to end up with a couple of things not used, but they were nice and shiny =)

I love this series, and can hardly wait for the next part =D

There's no violence or gore in this episode, or swearing, but the atmosphere's nice and creepy =D

Many thanks go out to Rookwings over at EG24 for the great walkthrough.

Peter said...

Really nice and creepy one.

-k said...

Interesting. My creature said "She lied and you know". Great follow up game, makes me highly anticipate the next in the series. Thanks for sharing this with us!

dyork said...

Pretty easy once you get the hang of the clunky controls and weird visual effects.

But in my view the story doesn't make up for weak gameplay. No hurry to see the next one.

Anonymous said...

half the people said it sucked and half the people said it was awesome but, my personal opinion was that it sucked horribily! Why would any othetr people want to play this game!

Peter said...

Because they like it? Good enough reason for me.

Anonymous said...

Great game, really creepy. I HATED THAT THING THAT KEPT POPPING UP!!!
It kept making me jump :(


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