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March 12, 2012

must escape the island

Your boat got damaged from a bad storm, you managed to wash up on an island, so now you must escape the island, an escape game by Selfdefiant.


Joaybean said...

Hooray. I love these games. Thanks Bart.

Joaybean said...

So now I'm stuck. I need to find the white something that goes into the totem. Any ideas anyone about what it might be?

Joaybean said...

Found Sand I guess I figured it out

Joaybean said...

Great little game. :)

Lizzie! said...

Pretty easy, but fun. Momentary panic when I clicked on the menu button by accident, and thought I had to start all over. Thanks, Bart...glad to see an escape game for a change...I'm not much of a platform game fan.

Rava said...

Who else thinks the shaman's mask is Crash Bandicoot's Aku Aku? :)

Nice game, anyway!

Anonymous said...

Looooved this one. I did it without any help and that's pretty rare...

PyroLuna said...

Okay, I have all three totems acivated, two gems on a stand and some guy who wants a coin. What do I need to give the guy, and is the starfish involved

Anonymous said...

PyroLuna--I had the same problem.



Carly said...

Hey! That music sounds familiar! :) Liked it the first time, and am liking it again!
Nice lil' game. Figured it out all by myself ;)

PyroLuna said...

I can't access the hint or spoiler, I tried clicking, highlighting, are you sure that works the way you want it to

Anonymous said...

@Pyroluna You just hover your cursor over the word.

-k said...

Great little game! Thanks for sharing this one Bart!

Jade said...

Lovely little game

deCarlo said...

Nice and easy - that's the way I like them!
Thanks for sharing this one.

dyork said...

OK I guess, but I prefer them harder. Maybe 15 mins all up, with no stuck moments. No puzzles, no wondering what I missed. Just find and use, rinse and repeat.

Harder next time please.

Peter said...

Nice one, easy, but hey, we aren't all geniuses.

Rogerup said...

Very good game. Easy and challenging!!!

Anonymous said...

I like Flonga escape games they aren't tedious pixel hunts, but I didn't have a clue where to fill the bottle or that the shovel was for the lava. A little off putting put I did escape.

Anonymous said...

By the way where is the new Minoto for the week? The last one was 10 days ago.

Carly said...

Shhhh, Thor...

Anonymous said...


First screen (with boat):
Note the loose plank and the hole in the boat

Second screen (monkey):
note the sand, the box, the mokey, the starfish

Go back to first screen:
Find message in the bottle, take out Map, take empty bottle

Go to third screen (signboard with cross):
note signboard

Fourth screen (trunk of palmtree):
note trunk, click on coconuts until you have the first wooden board

Fifth screen (one to the right, clothes line):
click on lid of box, get crowbar, note cloth, note vines

Sixth screen (two times left, three totems):
note the color of the three totems

seventh screen (pile of rocks):
use crowbar to loosen the rock and get the second plank

go to second screen:
open box with crowbar and get axe
fill bottle with sand

go to first screen and use crowbar get loose plank, get third plank

go to fourth screen
use axe on trunk
take piece of trunk

go to sixth screen and fill sand into white totem in the middle

go to eight screen (at the river)
fill bottle with water
put all three planks on rope to build a bridge

go over the bridge to nineth screen (cave entrance)
click pile of stones to get the shovel
note banana, click on tree-trunk to get banana

enter cave to tenth screen (medicine man)
clicj medicine man and note what he needs

go to the left to eleventh screen (three piles)
note the three piles in three colors

go twice to right to twelveth screen (lava)
use shovel with lava to get some

go to sixth screen
fill water from bottle into blue totem on the right
fill lava from shovel into red totem on the left
take green gem from mouth of totem in the middle

go to third screen
use shovel beneath the sign with the cross, get blue gem

go to second screen, give monkey the banana, get red gem

go to eleventh screen and place all gems on the corresponding pile with the same color
get golden thing

go to tenth screen and give the golden thing to the medicine man, give him the empty bottle, get the glue

go to fifth screen and use axe on the vines, get the cloth

go to first screen
use glue on ship's hole, use trunk and cloth to build a sail
click ship


Tipp: If you need to empty the bottle: You can empty the water by clicking the river again and the sand by clicking the sand again with the bottle

Anonymous said...

easy and fun, no walkthrough needed.

Caroline said...

Nice game for a Sunday morning ;o)

Anonymous said...

great game- stuck at first, but then fairly easy to solve.

HELP! said...

i know this game is super easy but i dont know what to do with the totems.. i have the two boards on the bridge and i have a crowbar a map and some material. what do i do now?


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