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February 10, 2012

wooden design

A physics puzzle game where you must place the different wooden objects on the immovable platform in such a way that none of them falls off: wooden design by Airomagic.


Anonymous said...

mmmmm i'm first!

-k said...

Got to level 29 and had to stop. My mind needs to rest before I can try and tackle that one :)

DQ said...

This one became boring very fast :(

Anonymous said...

I played this one on another site and the screen was really shakey and jittery which made it difficult to play. Doesn't do that here.

dyork said...

Good game. Unusual for this kind of puzzle because you can move pieces after you place them (and often you have to).

I finished all the levels, but probably could do better. Is there a walkthrough (without logging in somewhere)?

-k said...

Finally went back and finished it. Good game, I really enjoy these sorts of puzzle games. Thanks for sharing this :)


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