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February 29, 2012

the bird in the cage

The latest Gotmail escape game is here. Have you got what it takes to escape the room with the bird in the cage?


Anonymous said...


deCarlo said...

that helps

Anonymous said...

I don't know why I even bother clicking on the link to open the game. The game is always too dark to see anything to click on and I can never figure them out without assistance of a walkthrough. No more gotmail for me.

Seaduckie said...

Finally out! What a game! Can't wait for the next escape game!

Anonymous said...

I have a cup, a blade, pliers, a ligher and a big coin!I also have a headache..cause i am stuck!Any help available?

Anonymous said...

* Some Tips *
Get the stick-thing from the left couch leg, it is the key to one of the lockers and to the machine inside it
If you open said machine you'll find something helpful for the flashlight (look also behind the right of the couch)
The flashlight helps you later to find a light bulb under the rack
Btw a combination of pliers and cutter help getting the coin out of the bin
A combination of pliers and coin make a good screw-driver
A hot light bulb may show another hint
Also a coaster may be found under the lamp...

Anonymous said...

Is there a full walkthrough for this game anywhere? The hints are very helpful though.

Xyzzy said...

Some other hints:

Places or things you've already looked at might change (or not work) if you haven't seen something else first.

Sometimes the English phrasing is confusing ... for instance "The lamp is on" might not mean what you think it means. (The lamp has a switch ... it took me a long time to unravel that confusion).

There is a moderate amount of pixel hunting.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how to open the grooves on the wall? I was able to turn the grooves from verticle to horizontal but now what?

Anonymous said...

Alright, after greatly disliking the previous Gotmail escape games, I decided to give them one last shot with this latest game. And they failed.

These escape games are incredibly poorly made. They require too much reliance on pixel hunting with a very narrow margin of error on where you click. You have to be dead-on in a specific area, otherwise you will never find what you're looking for even if you may already know where to look. Not only that, but the "puzzles" are never clear as they should be with next to no hints and the few "hints" they actually do give you not being of any help at all.

In a nutshell, I now say no thank you to any and everything Gotmail has to offer.

Anonymous said...

how come you can never find a flashlight with an actual battery inside?

Anonymous said...


anna in spain said...

This is the third Gotmail game I've attempted and failed. Too random, pretty to look at but impossible.

Anonymous said...

I kind of like the Got Mail games, but somehow I think what they are releasing now are older games that have not been in English version before. Am I right? The later got mail games before they started increasing their release rate looked a bit fresher and felt more developed.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 1 March 2012 17:19,
They are re-releasing old games in English.

The Gordo said...

Wow, that was a trial. Yeah, these older GotMail games are not very pleasurable to complete. I had to use the walkthrough and can't believe some of the things I had to do to get out. There were some neat moments. Anyway...

Thanks, Bart!

Gwenda said...

I agree with the people here that find gotmail games to be poorly designed. There is indeed way too much pixel hunting involved, and some of the hints can only be understood after you've already solved the puzzle they are for (by using the walkthrough). I will now be avoiding these games as well.

dyork said...

Bit long, but not too hard until the final code. Clues:

You only need to open one locker.
You have to charge two things.
You need to use the pliers 4 different ways.
The side of the sofa feels funny.
The boxes, ashtray and book do nothing.
The final code is 16 letters, all given.
The back story is stupid and of no use.


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