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December 13, 2011

these robotik hearts of mine

A young boy and a young girl become friends and fall in love, but their relationship is changed after an encounter with a broken robot in the woods... These robotik hearts of mine, a puzzler by Draknek.


Jack'D said...

primary poster? primary poster!

Anonymous said...

effin' indonesian ISP... Y U block newgrounds? -_-

Anna said...

Agree ^

Dave said...

Hey @ Jack'D,,, that's an original..... ( I won't say it).

Jack said...

Hope you were far from Liege today Bart!

Anonymous said...

How do you do level 13?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Wow.... that's sad!!!! :'(

Mb said...

that's creapy! made it to level 10 and was bored of the total sadness and dipression :P

Queen Fume-Boo said...

This seems like it will turn out to be a very poignant story...
Anyways, level 13, anyone?

BartBonte's Faithful Follower said...

I hated it so depressing come on bart ive been a faithful follower Cant you find (or make) a story like this with a happy ending im already frigging depressed. :'( other then the depressing story very challenging. (first time commenting)

Carly said...

Story? What story? Bah, I don't play these games to read some silly story. I played the puzzles and got bored around 28.

Anonymous said...

level 17

Alex said...

quit at 10. sorry. but i like the way the story was incorperated into the story. original.

-k said...

I liked this one. Tough but fun to play. I only managed to get 758 but will definitely try again another time :)

Anonymous said...

Wow. This game is so depressing. Not to mention the game isn't very good itself.


Queen Fume-Boo said...

What a sad story :'(
(I skipped the levels just to see what happens :P)

corny8 said...

I wrote down the whole thing. It's so depressing and sad.
Here it is:

"Let me tell you a story…
Once was a young boy and a young girl
They did not own much
But they were the best of friends
And everything they had was shared between them
They were always playing together, dancing through the trees
Their friendship filling a hole that neither knew existed
One day they found a broken robot in the woods
They worked hard to fix the robot
Swapping its old rusty parts with gleaming new replacements
And when he was fixed the trio played together for a time
And the robot marveled at the love he saw blossom between the boy and the girl
And watched the boy give his heart to the girl as she gave hers to him.
If only their story could have been so simple…
But the robot grew lonely, and one day the boy and the girl woke to find him gone
They searched for any tracks he might have made
And followed him to the entrance of an abandoned factory
Filled with broken down robots gathering dust.
They ventured into the depths of the place
And the boy came to a decision: “I shall fix them all!”
And so the boy worked to repair the aging robots
The task took weeks
And as the boy worked late into the nights, the girl grew lonely
And then weeks turned to months.
The boy’s neglect of the girl broke her heart
And in her foolish aching rage she made a demand of the machines
“Tear out this broken heart of mine and build for me a heart of metal that will never fail
Metal’s all he cares about so metal I’ll become.”
And so those loyal robots gifted her – a heartless heart – too hard for human love.
Over to the boy she went and he looked up from his work
With horror in his eyes he said “My love, what’s this you’ve done?”
“This I did for you,” she said. But her frozen face would not smile
He turned around and stalked off mad, smashing robots who’d once been friends
Gutting their wires and gears and springs, his purpose now clear, to save her from her fate
He worked on for years, making heart after heart
But nothing he made could give back what was lost
Now he’s an old man with her young by his side
Without hope for the future, making hearts to this day."


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