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December 21, 2011

neutral christmas mini escape

Neutral has just released another new mini Christmas escape game, you can play it in the banner here. Can you escape?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

FIRST yowza I can't believe it

Jen in Wamena said...

I have done everything I can find and have used everything except the key behind the grate and the wall clock. Help?

Sneaky said...

@Jen: What items do you have?

Unknown said...

I'm stuck, too...I'm not sure what numbers to use behind the lamp. :(

Sneaky said...

@Jen: If you are already on the outdoor scene, you can go left and right. Make sure to put the shapes in their slots.

@Nikki: count how many objects you see. the clue is on the paper from the stockings :)

Unknown said...
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TiCKed said...

I like the "Neutral" games! Always clever, surprising, logical, and fun.

Unknown said...

Okay...not sure what to do with wardrobe... I tried putting both words into the wardrobe but it didn't open... :( Any hints for that one? lol

Jen in Wamena said...

I haven't gotten outside yet. To open the wardrobe you have to type in the four letter name of something you have picked up. :) and you have to have opened the bottom yellow drawer.

Jen in Wamena said...

I have bear, socks, bow, snowflake ball.

TiCKed said...


It's a multiple step clue.
1) The picture with the red and green "things" on it.
2) The cabinet with red and green doors.
3) The paper with the 8 boxes and 2 4 letter words.

I don't want to give much more than that for now....

Unknown said...


I got the clue. Got the bunny need to figure out how to change the bottom to a bunny? Not sure where to take this lil guy from here. lol

Anonymous said...

I don't get it...

TiCKed said...

Besides the ears, you don't have to change the bear/rabbit any further. But part of his clothing isn't the right color!
(Put him back on the chair to dress him).

Unknown said...

NM Finished it...YAY! :)

Jen in Wamena said...

I don't get the clue...

Unknown said...


The bear needs to look like the bunny in the clue. Use gravity to stretch his ears....and find a way to dye his socks pink, then dress him in the chair. He's also a convenient stocking stuffer.... ;)

TiCKed said...

The clue for the cabinet?

Look at the order, colors and shapes of on the picture.

The shapes look like open doors, don't they? Open the doors in the 8 door cabinet, and find the ones that match the ones in the picture.

Now, using the placement and order of the proper doors, look at the paper with WARD-ROBE written on it. It has 8 boxes, one letter in each box. If you use the letters corresponding to the doors in the cabinet....You will spell another 4-letter word.

Hope that helps.

Sneaky said...

@Jen: You have to transform the bear into according to a paper :D

Clue: sock's color should be changed, the bear should have longer ears

Jen in Wamena said...

Thank you. Ok. I had already figured out the socks and guessed on the the four letter word. I just can't figure out the ears.

Jen in Wamena said...

Ok, got it. Sorry. I feel silly for missing that.

Anonymous said...

i entered bear on the wardrobe door, and its not opening, is that right?

deCarlo said...

Nice ending!!!

Never would have made it without your bunny hints though. The text on the bunny-clue should have been translated - my Japanese is too bad :-(

Anonymous said...

Get fork from under couch – use it on chimney brick to get star#1.
Get star#2 from under mattress.
Put stars on green box. Get screwdriver.
Use screwdriver on base of lamp.
Click on lamp to reveal safe.
Click on stocking to release paper.
Pick up paper to read safe clue.
Count the 4 objects all around the room.
Safe code SP4O4I3LE2R – Get corkscrew
Use corkscrew on bottle – pour wine into glass – get silver key.
Use key on bottom drawer – get wardrobe/bunny clue.
Look at picture above bear chair.
Use this to match doors on red/green cabinets.
Combine with wardrobe clue – you get SPBOEIALRER.
Use this code to open wardrobe.
Take white socks – dunk them in wine glass to make pink.

Get bow from red and green cabinets.
Put bow and pink socks on the bear – pick up bear.
Hang bear in closet – close door – spin around the room.
Retrieve bear with bunny ears.
Put him in stocking – get gold key.
Open door …

Anonymous said...

Go up the ladder, get Tile #1 from under white nest. Get Tile#2 from tree left of owl.
(at this point, if you didnt already, go back down and use scredriver on nest picture to get Blue Ball).
Zoom on 5 holes in ground - use blue ball to get gopher to show you code. Retrieve blue ball.
Use gopher code on chest. Get Tile #3.
Put 3 tiles in rock slots. Pull blue lever.
Zoom on rock to left of big rock. Pickup rock.
Drop it down chimney.
Go down and get red key from fireplace.
Use key on red cabinet to get gear.
Use gear on back of clock.
Click on hands to get new time.
Go up and outside - it is night. Go to owl tree.
Get Tile #4. Put in rock slot.
Spin them for a clue. Then spin each tile until you spell the word. SPSONIOLWER
Pull blue lever - put blue ball in cannon.
Pull blue lever - Merry Xmas !!!!!

Anonymous said...

neutral christmas MINI escape?




CyclingGuy23 said...

Great game.. One of the best so far.. Very clever..!

CyclingGuy23 said...
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Lizzie! said...

That was not a mini escape! Lots of stuck for a minute or two (just like the Grinch), but I figured it out!

Thanks Neutral and thanks Bart...Merry Christmas!

KC said...

That was really cute. Thanks for posting it, Bart!

Just wondering though - at the very end, I understand the cucumbers for the kappa, fish for the cat, but what are those 'little people' lugging around tempura shrimp or holding forks (and is that a red olive or something on the end of the fork?)?!?!

DQ said...

Needed a little help with the pink socks, but managed the rest on my own (and with a little bit of luck)
Nice game.

Rava said...

Not so "mini", this escape game! Nice one!

Von said...

Very nice game! Thanks Bart and happy holidays.

-k said...

What a great little game! Thanks for sharing it with us Bart!

Anonymous said...

great game though kind of hard! thanks for sharing and happy christmas! :)

dyork said...

Good one. Good length, good puzzles.

Pity that the wardrobe code was guessable, and transforming the bear was a bit hard; after that it was pretty mechanical but definitely better than average.

The Gordo said...

Only mini by dimension, I suppose. A good, long game. Not my favorite Christmas escape, but quite enjoyable, for sure.

Thanks, Bart!

Mb said...

at first it wasn't that easy! anw amazing ending :D

Oscelot said...

heads up Bart, the link goes to a different game now.

3 door wardrobe said...

I'm stuck, too...I'm not sure what numbers to use behind the lamp. :(


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