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October 13, 2011

kaitai dismantlement: lunch box

A new dismantle puzzle: armed with only a screwdriver, can you dismantle the lunch box in kaitai dismantlement: lunch box?


Anonymous said...

Wooo dismantlement

Anonymous said...

and done

Tom said...

I love these dismantlement puzzles. This one was not that challenging, though.

Princess said...

First one I've gotten all the way through by myself but still stuck on the end.

Fikjen said...

As always with these: I like it (a lot)!!!

Freshbeatz said...

What was the trick with the first puzzle with the chicks and the numbers on the fork? I've opened it by chance, so I didn't get it.

XCalibur said...

Very easy. I think this was the easiest one of the dismantlement series.

-k said...

Great dismantlement! I wish my lunchbox looked that good everyday :)

Anonymous said...

Easiest one ever. I breezed through it with no help.

Anonymous said...

Wow a really easy one, figured out all of it without any helps :-)) I love these games!

Mary said...

i am not getting the fish/bear trick, any hints?

Anonymous said...

follow the fishes (begin top-left, then top middle,...)

Anonymous said...

Yay! First one I've done without help. Obviously, it was easy. LOL

Mecha Velma said...

Too Easy for a dismantlement puzzle

lac515 said...

this is the first dismantle that iv done on me own, is it just me or is this one easier then the others

Anonymous said...

These dismatlement puzzles have been getting progressively easier. Initally they were very challenging and you got a genuine sense of accomplishment from completing one. Not anymore :(

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the orange slice puzzle. Can anybody help me with that one?

dyork said...

Yes, they're definitely getting easier. Still a pleasant entertainment for a few spare minutes, but nothing like the challenge they used to be.

[Orange slice: if you turn the circle, triangle and star dials to the right position, it exposes a screw. And then another...]

Anonymous said...

Was I supposed to count the number of chicks and bears and squid(I don't recall seeing any squid) for the bomb???

cliffty said...

@anonymous: i thought of that too. Then i noticed that the figures were moving for a reason...

Anonymous said...

WOW! I accidentally solved three of the puzzles managed to figure out the four letters and and finished it without help...for me that is unheard of because I'm usually the first to cry for a walkthrough.

Anonymous said...

AHA Thank You Cliffty....nice hint.

Anonymous said...

Walkthrough in multiple parts. I got this from EG24.


Chick Puzzle
When you look at the fork, you see a clue of 4 chicks:
Left facing chick with a 1, right facing chick with a 2, left facing chick with a 2, right facing chick with a 1
On the top of the the box are 6 chicks. You can click them to get them to turn left or right.
How do you set 6 chicks from a 4-chick clue?
Note that 1+2+2+1=6
So try, 1 left, 2 right, 2 left, 1 right
Nothing seems to happen.
Hit the "return" button upper left.
Now click the top of the box and it disappears.
(As you solve the puzzles, you have to back out and click to get to the next stage.)
The top layer of the box has 3 active sections.
Click in the middle to see 4 pastries.

Octopus Puzzle
Click somewhere, and the round lids pop up to reveal the octopus puzzle
You have 4 little octopi (since they have 8 "legs").
The heads turn, 8 positions each. Where's the clue?
How about the hearts.
Try facing the octopi across the hearts
Suddenly, the tops of their heads pop off, revealing 4 screws.
Remove the 4 screws, then hit "close".
Click the octopi to remove the piece.
Remove the paper.
Now back out again.
You can now tackle either side.

Zoom on left side.
Click the Sashimi to reveal the Bear Puzzle
When you click a bear, a circle appears. After clicking all 9, the puzzle resets.
Look at the moving fish pattern above.
This tells you the correct order to click the bears.
Think of the fish as little arrows leading from one to the other.
Notice that the bottom right position never has a fish.
The top right square never has a fish pointing to it.
So, start at top left. The fish in top left tells you to go right, and then right again and then down. etc.
When you've done this correctly, 2 screws appear.
Unscrew the screws, hit "close", click the sashimi to remove it.
Unscrew the screw.

Zoom on right side.
Remove green lid to reveal 4-Letter Puzzle
You see 2 sets of symbols changing on the "eggs" with a plus sign between.
Each time they change, the number in the middle circle also changes.
You are being shown clues on how to build letters.
Imagine the sets of symbols on top of each other.
#1 is | | + - = |-| or H
#2 is | | + \/ = |\/| or M
When you've entered all 4 letters, you have another screw to remove.

Anonymous said...


Second layer
If you zoom on the apple slice, you can see how the pieces are interlocked.
Now zoom on the orange.
Orange Puzzle
There are 10 segments, 2 are marked with circles, 2 with triangles, and 2 with stars.
Click on the orange to reveal the mechanism. See three knobs (circle, triangle, star)
(Note also that the white layer has a circular hole.
So, back out and note where the circle segment positions are.)
The circle knob rotates the top "orange" slice.
The star knob rotates the white layer.
The orange knob rates the underlying orange layer.
Use the circle knob to view one of the circle segments.
Use the star knob to get a gray circle (there are 3 -- outer, middle, inner)
in the segment.
Use the triangle knob to rotate the bottom layer.
If you get an orange dot, use the star knob, then the triangle knob.
When you get a screw, remove it.
Repeat for the the other circle segment.
Back out, remove the orange and the "paper", and the underlying screw.

Zoom on the apple.
Open it for Chick Puzzle #2
See 4 chicks than can rotate, and 4 arrow marks that are chicken feet.
Turn the chicks in the direction that their feet would be to reveal 2 screws.
Back out, remove apple and screw.
Click the green plastic.
Back out and click the rice.
It still won't budge.
Go back to the "orange" section of the box -- 1 more screw!
NOW zoom on rice.
Here's the Bomb Puzzle.
You have 5 minutes.
Set the code (note the animals are wagging their legs)
Turn the screw by the "STOP BOMB" label
The light below the time turns green.
Click the time to find another screw.
Remove it to remove the last puzzle.

And you're out!

Anonymous said...

the easiest kaitai so far but still fun to dismantle!

Anonymous said...

I think this was the easiest dismantlement ive ever played. i love this series!

Jessica said...

I GOT IT ALL BY MYSELF! i feel so smart! actually, its probably just that this one was easier than some of the others, but still! i finished it all by myself! :D really good game, too. :)

CheddarMelt said...

Oh man, I love Kaitai Dismantlements! I was thinking about them last night, and this offering appeared this morning! Hooray for Kaitai!

This was a little too easy though! I am usually stumped and looking for a hint after twenty minutes, but I solved this one all the way in ten. I didn't even blow myself up!

Kaitai. Japanese for "OK what the bleep do I do now?"

Anonymous said...

cute and easy but fun

Anonymous said...

Ewwww! There are octopi in the lunchbox!

Carly said...

Yes, this was an easy one. Love these dismantlement games! Not a big fan of Japanese fish, though... How about a cheesecake dismantlement? YUM!

NotMarian said...

Whew. I think these dismantlement puzzles are always hard. But this one was fun. i needed some hints, but I did ok.

The Gordo said...

Fun, but easy. Thanks, Bart!

Anonymous said...

They're getting easier...but still a lot of fun. The orange puzzle was easier than I was first making it out to be. Lizzie

PK said...

Love, love, LOVE dismantlement games. These are a large part of the reason I keep coming to bontegames -- to make sure I don't miss out on a new one being posted. :)

I must confess, I needed a bit of help with the beginning puzzle, but I honestly think that's just because I needed to jump-start my brain. (In retrospect, it was pretty easy, so I do feel kind of foolish for not seeing it.) Once past that hurdle, though, everything else was smooth sailing.

The orange-slice puzzle seemed like it would be so much more complicated than it was! I found the two screws, but kept turning dials because I thought there would be a total of six! Finally I just gave up and closed it to look at the "lid" again -- then when I clicked to reopen it it just disappeared. Heh.

Anyway, a bit too easy, especially the final bomb puzzle. (I mean, c'mon -- a counting puzzle? REALLY?) But I still love the concept and the execution of these dismantlements. Thanks for posting it, Bart!

Anonymous said...

This dismantle puzzle is relly easy. Before tonight I had NEVER played a dismantlement!! Ever!! The chick and octopi puzzles were a blast. The others? I shall admit, I use the walkthrough that Anon gave to us from EG24 for the other puzzles. Sooooooooo, call me a cheater. I'm fine with that. I usually cheat on games that I sometimes find a little to hard for me. Sorry :( And usually there only on the computer,(except for some of the wii like metriod prime two and three.) Gotta go see ya'll

Queen Fume-Boo said...

How did I not see this before?!

Queen Fume-Boo said...

So... who knew that disabling a bomb hidden under random mechanical foodstuffs would be that easy?

Anonymous said...

super in een keer uit

Anonymous said...

legs :) hehehe

Anonymous said...



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