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June 20, 2011

the outsider

The outsider is a dark point and click adventure by Team New World Order for the Newgrounds Game Jam 5, themed literature, based on H.P. Lovecraft's short story The Outsider.


Anonymous said...


Nah! just messin with ya

Anonymous said...

i went across the stair case that was broken with the stick and the butcher's knife to the safe and i idk what to do from that point. im confused.

Jack said...

Items I have:Stick,Cleaver,Rope

There's more rope stuck in the swamp.

Made it to the key locked door but don't know how to proceed.

The design is okay but navigating and "hot spots" are fickle. Click the wrong thing and you're in the next screen. Quotation screens need to be closed with a click as well.

I'll wait for hints.

Anonymous said...

Use the stick on the locked door.

Jack said...

"stick on the locked door"

That makes sense :|

Jack said...

Well that was short.

Like a Lovecraft inspired Minoto game.

Jessica said...

So I guess I'm the only one that can't play this - it just endlessly loads for me.

Anonymous said...


1. In opening scene (Swamp) see rope in the ground. Go back once.

2. Get in stick in the Forest scene. Go back once.

3. Swamp - Go forward once.

4. Entrance - Go forward once.

5. Door - Code is 432. Go forward once.

6. Inside - Get rope. Go forward once.

7. Study - Use stick to get board. Go back once.

8. Inside - Go right once.

9. Kitchen - Get cleaver. Use cleaver on stick. Go back once.

10. Inside - Use board on gap in stairs. Go up the stairs.

11. Stairway - Keep going up.

12. Door - Use stick on the door. Go forward once.

13. Upper Level - Get brick from by the door. Get box of matches from the rightmost crate. Go back to the Kitchen.

14. Kitchen - Light candel with matches. Get key from skeleton. Go back to the Upper Level.

15. Upper Level - Use key on door. Go forward once.

16. Graveyard - Get shovel. Go back to the Swamp.

17. Swamp - Use shovel on rope in the ground. Get rope. Go back to the Graveyard.

18. Graveyard - Combine both ropes and brick. Use that on the gate. Go forward once.

19. Finale - Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ending.

I hope that everyone finds this little walkthough helpful. Enjoy!

Peter said...

Real Gothic atmosphere, but for the rest the interface is the toughest puzzle to solve.

Christian said...

loved the game, it kept me on edge, but the message at the end saddened me. keep 'em coming Bart!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica, I had the same... ;-) click on "play" the pink/salmon rainbow rectangle. There's actually hardly any load time(!)

Anonymous said...

where is the minoto

sandra said...

i don't know why but the game can't load...

Bart said...

@sandra did you click on PLAY in the pink rainbow box?

sandra said...

i think it's my network connection problem, the loading bar got stucked.
i think i'll try it another day.
anyway thanks bart:)

Anonymous said...

man, i wish that it had some color in made me feel all depressed.

Anonymous said...

this game was really great
and the song at the end really fits it's the same as the opening of Elfen-Lied (song name lilium)

very well done :)


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