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April 21, 2011


Destroy the constructions with the sets of offered tools in the Blosics inspired physics game cubium.


Fikjen said...

Please somebody else be first!!!

deCarlo said...


Bartfan said...

How weird to make a game so similar to something that already exists but to add changes that make it worse.
The graphics are worse, the firing system is worse and yet the game is the same.

kjen said...

Totally addictive.. Thanks for this one Bart !

Steve said...

This one's a beauty. Yes, it's similar to A___y B__ds, but is that a bad thing? Music was hip, too.

Carly said...

I liked it. Got all the challenges and the music was very relaxing. Sweeeeet :)

Steve said...

Whenever I play something like this, I find myself wanting a level editor. Guess I'll have to learn to write these things on my own.

Agree with Carly on the music. Wonder if they composed it, or got it from somewhere. It's impressive.


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