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June 10, 2010

robin hood - a twisted fairytale

Spot the differences and choose the path as you guide Robin Hood down a twisted version of the classic story in Robin Hood - a twisted fairytale.


imer said...

first ^^

Anonymous said...

I founded four endings

Carly said...

Ouch - it's too bad you can't go to the previous screen. But nice touch on an old story :)

Anonymous said...

I found them all. But I wish it was possible to make all the caracters happy. Is there a way?

Anonymous said...

Is this game scary?

Montykaler10 said...

So far ive found four endings

If you pick assault caravan again - you get re-pwned by the carrige guy and horse

If you explore the ufo you find a laser gun which leads to the next decision which is of course, Take it or not

Either way you hear someone saying help who turns out to be a girl you immediatly fall in love with

Without your laser gun the bad guys get away and you're beaten up crushing any hope you have with the girl.

With the gun, however, you beat up the bad guys and win the girl, she tells you of gold in a castleand how you can help the poor, bla bla bla so you battle to the castle with your laser gun pwning everyone in your way. You end up in the throne room where you have another decision

Fight or work together

Being diplomatic, means the king and you work together and get rich but what about the girl you may ask, sadly she becomes your servant girl and shes portrayed crying while cleaning the floor.

If you choose to fight though, you discover you lost the laser gun and your advantage. It turns out the sneaky girl took it behind your back, {never trust those eyes} and plans to get rich with the gold. And she did. Plus you become her slave, beaten by a girl, and the king is kept in a container/tube where everyone laughs at him.

That's what i got.
Has anyone got anymore endings

And anonymous its not scary.

Rling said...

I can't load the game :(


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